Monday, January 6, 2014

ups and downs of week 4

Well, I'm glad to hear all is well and that people are enjoying the blog :)
So for the spiritual thought of the week this is what I got. Gen 19:17 "...look not behind thee..." This is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Hopefully we cannot apply this entire story to our lives, but this part of the verse I think we all definitely can. Personally I have struggled with the events of the past. This however is a new year, and through the Atonement of Christ we can again have a fresh start. We are not all perfect, we are all sinners who fall short of the glory of God, but through the Atonement we can become white as snow. When we use the Atonement in our lives we can put the past away. When we do so it is best to not look back, the future is bright and it's ours for the making. I think the fact that it is a new year makes it a perfect time to forget the past, and move forward, making the future what we and the Lord want it to be.
This week was full of ups and downs! But let's start with the ups first! New Years Eve we had to be home by 6 due to all the drunkards, so we had a pizza party, and even better the Senior couples paid for it! New Years Day we had a braii (bbq) at our flat and said good bye to our beloved zone leader, Elder Palmer, who returned home Friday. Later that day we went to the park and played sport (football, rugby, cricket, and baseball). It was a great time, and while we were there we met two guys that live in my area! It was awesome. That night the Senior couples took us to dinner. I had 4 racks of ribs....Yebbooo.
Thursday was a terrible day! Like horrible! I was sick, my feet were bleeding from these huge blisters I have acquired. I managed to make it through the day though, and boy was it worth it! When I got home that night I had a package waiting for me and I've never been so excited for Christmas presents! I greatly appreciate everything, but in particular the Sees Chocolate. During that day I remember thinking, "There better be something good about today... maybe there is Sees chocolate in my package!?!?!? If not I may just go off the reservation and live in the bush." I was so happy when it was there, and I made it a point to show all the other Elders, because they hadn't washed their dishes and that annoys me. They coveted my chocolate and boy was it great. :) I did end up sharing it though. I'm just too nice... 
So this is awkward. I hung the Christmas card on the wall by my desk, and so far 6 different Elders have commented on Bronte. I have grown tired of explaining she is married, pregnant, and I will beat them. So... I posted a biblical picture over her, and now I tell people it's just the 3 Nephites in that picture. I would take it down, but it makes me happy to see everyone while I study. 
Ever since I told you it doesn't rain here it has been raining constantly. Makes for a great time trackting. Oh well, it keeps the insects away. Oh yeah, and it increases the beauty of your future wife from what I hear.
So late last week my camera uhm... took a walk. So I had to buy a new one. It makes me sad, I have no more spending money haha. I was really wanting to buy scriptures that were covered in custom leather. Maybe I'll be able to find a way! I took the pressure bulb and belt off my backpack, it was drawing far too much attention. #dontwanttogetmuggedmorethenihavetobe
Its weird, lately my hand has been like, longing to hold a gun. It's driving me crazy, I miss the feeling in my hand very badly. It's worse than any homesickness I have felt thus far!
We are now a park and walk mission, it's good and bad. Good is my tan makes me look like a Mexican or colored, bad is our area is about the size of Seattle (no joke). It makes for very, very long days.
We have 3 dinner appointments a week, they can be sketchy. I don't eat their meat. No mi gusta cow intestines. 
I listen to the music I brought a ton, so far my favorite albums are the Tangled sound track, Jenny Philips, and the Nashville Tribute Band. All are very, very good. I really like the Tangled song they sing when in the boats watching the lanterns. Oh yeah, and the Jungle book sound track is wonderful.
When Elder Palmer left he gave me a green granite Jaguar that has been hand carved! They sell for like 100 bucks! And he gave me a clay box, when you pull a lever a snake attacks a frog. Mi gusta mucho. 
So there is this girl at the KFC in our area, and she has a hankerin for some Elder McClellan. It's ridiculous. The senior couples took us for ice cream one day, and I suggested we go through the drive through so I could avoid seeing her. Guess what flippin happened? She sees me through the drive through window, gets a huge smile on her face, waves, walks over and starts flirting with me. I want to tell her to get off of me, but that's offensive according to Elder Wadsworth. May have to boycott KFC.

So my companion gets upset easily, and every time he does his mouth looks funny, and it makes me laugh, and it makes him more angry. This morning he started studying early, which is all fine and dandy, but he wanted me to turn my music off. I still had 10 min until study and I wasn't dressed yet, so I told him sure, I will in 10 min. He was a very unhappy camper. It was funny. He makes me angry a lot too, so I usually don't feel too bad when I make him angry.
After this we are going to go to Pick and Pay and get some food for the week. Believe it or not, 15 bucks in South Africa doesn't go very far. I usually get eggs, bread, cheese, and milk. What a fun way to live! However, I  have fully embraced the Word of Wisdom. I eat meat very, very sparingly.

Give everyone my love, and let them know I miss them. Especially Panda. Hope all is well, I'd tell you some inspiring words about faith or something, but I don't really feel like you are in danger of going apostate.
Don't forget me

Elder McClellan
(The pink building is the primary school where church is held.
Bottom right shows most of Elder McClellan's district on New Year's day.)

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