Wednesday, July 23, 2014

week 32

Wow those fires are crazy, see we need to do what Africa does. They burn everything on purpose so that nothing burns on accident. I feel quite sad for all the people have lost their homes, that's never a fun thing. Hopefully they will have died down a bit before next week!

So in my last letter I complain about how nothing happened. I shouldn't have done that because now everything happened. Let's start with Tuesday! We had a DA up in the boonies and on our way there we ran across a porcupine the size of the hood of the car. It's eyes were blood red and we nearly took a header into the ditch trying to avoid it. 

Thursday we had a DA even further in the boonies at the top of a mountain. Some how... our break lines were mystically destroyed and I had to drive down a mountain in complete darkness without breaks. It was terrifyingly fun. The next day we drove it to the dealership... that was also interesting. We finally got the car back today. A few weeks ago our car dun got robbed so we also had the locks replaced so that we can have somewhat of an assurance that our stuff is safe. The memories are priceless, but they cost the church R7500... haha... ouch. I will also say this - none of the damage was our fault. So yeah. 

Friday: We walked and walked and walked. I'm pretty sure I deserve the 50k merit badge from the scouting program. We walked up one mountain, down the other, across one and well yeah. It was hot. It was tiring. We taught no one. It was a long day that I never wish to experience again. I can tell I'm not very Christ-like because that act of obedience was done very grumpily. The mountains here are huge and it may be winter, but it is flipping hot. 

Here are some pictures from the week...

Saturday: We took this day a bit slower. It was hotter and we again had no appointments we could make it to. We decided to play mail man for a bit and walk a package across town at the request of a member. Woo service! After this we took lunch and I may or may not have eaten an entire pizza myself. I also received a call from President Dunn telling me that I would be training a new missionary. Woo? I think. 

Monday I had an early meeting in Joburg that was conducted by the APs and President. Basically the meeting was about not ruining the new missionaries. Hmmm. The next day was transfers. We managed to stay in the Sandton flat for the night. It was pretty dang awesome. It is the richest city south of the equator... so it was nice. Transfers were completely different then usual, President Dunn is changing up a lot of stuff and I really love it. The man is inspired and he is definitely inspiring the rest of the mission to do better. I am now training Elder Ah Wong from New Zealand. He is Samoan, white, and Chinese. So far so good, he is an awesome guy and we have already had a bit of fun. 

Hmm not sure what else to say. The church is still true, and life is awesome. Not sure I could be any happier.

Oh here is a thing. I've come to the conclusion that I'm now African American. At least more so then all those who claim to be, I mean all the people in the 'hood. African is more of a way of life then a color. So yeah, I'm now African American. I've also noticed I'm becoming more and more politically incorrect. I love the rest of the world, they just deal with things. Americans (ah hem democrats ah hem) gets too butt hurt about stuff. The only thing that stops me from staying here forever at this point is the lack of guns. Well and family of course. But mostly guns. Family can come here, so actually yep. Guns are the only reason I won't move back. 

Life is awesome, God be with you till be meet again.

Love, Elder Kelly McClellan

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