Tuesday, December 2, 2014

week 51 (half way mark)

So first off, sorry for the negativity of last week haha. I kinda got railed over the past few weeks and I just got fed up with it. My scriptures walked away in my last area, my last day in Katlehong half my allotment disappeared from where I kept it, and then I found out the office was fining me for a mistake they made. I was just sad, but anywho, this week was amazing. Instead of 95% of our appointments dropping like last week, 95% of them held, and wow it was powerful. 

Unfortunately, we won't have any baptisms this month, this area has only had 1 in 2 years, but we are hoping for 5 in January now. The problem is just the dang transport haha.  Oh, and the members (most but not all) are lazy. They do everything they can under the sun to rationalize their inactivity and participate up to the level of a strangled duck as far as contributing to missionary work goes. Oh well, on the bright side I'm back amongst the Sotho (sutu) people and that is where I feel at home here. I started my mission with them, and it is just nice to be back with a people whose culture I understand.

Let's see here, there is not really much to update you on...hmm. Oh, on the up and up, I'll have food in just a few hours. The end of the month always sucks. Been out of food for 4 days. I testify that after eating one dry wheat cake you're tired of it - try living off it for 4 days, haha. I don't understand why the missions to our south and the one to our north gets twice as much allotment as we do. That's dumb if you ask me.

I'm very much looking forward to Christmas and New Years already. We get both days off (there are too many drunks out and about.) I really want to go play with elephants again for Christmas, but we will see what happens.

Hope you all have a great week, I'm off to find a gun shop.

Love, Elder McClellan

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  1. I love his candid outlook! I hope he doesn't find a gun shop :)