Friday, August 15, 2014

week 35: favored of the Lord

This week was full of ups and downs as far as "success" is concerned, but spiritually it was amazing. Among the experiences was talking to a mother who discovered she would soon be passing to the next phase of existence due to a sudden development of aggressive cancer and testifying of the restoration of the gospel to a room full of college kids.  Each were special experiences I'm not sure what I would do without at this point. The amazing thing I find about a mission is that no matter what's occurring there is something to learn from the situations laid before you. I'm not sure if I have become more mature and therefore see underlining meanings in all that happens or If I have just gotten really good at turning crap into gold. Either way, I'm learning a lot and at this point I'm not sure why/how anyone could avoid serving the Lord. 

We are having some success as far as numbers, and we should be having a baptism at the end of this month! Pretty excited for that, it is always nice to see some fruit come. 

Monday we had the outstanding experience of going to Krugar (again!) Most missionary's never get to go, I've gone twice. Pretty sure I'm favored of the Lord. (kidding....) Anyways, we saw 4 of the big 5 and had some amazing experiences there. As we were about to exit the park we came across a pride of lions; to get a better picture I leaning out the window. I dun got shambocked by a park ranger... Err... apparently it is a poor idea to hang out of a car 10 feet from grown lions... oh well. It was fun and fairly exciting. We saw just about everything you can imagine, but the cutest was a baby elephant not even two feet high. From Rhinos to hyenas, they were all there. 

I finished reading Doctrine and Covenants recently... can't remember when because the days blend together, but  any-who, it is apparent to me that that book could not have been written by a mere (how do you spell that? is it even a word?) uninspired man. The amazing thing about the Book of Mormon and D&C is that they don't contradict themselves. Anyone who has ever told a lie and is determined to keep it going knows how hard it can be to support falsehoods. Lesbihonest here (yes pitch perfect...) no one is smart enough to write near 1000 pages of "doctrine" and keep it strait. Plus Joseph, an unlearned farm boy, could in no wise have had such a vocabulary as is used in said scriptures unless he was inspired. Anyone who disagrees with any of that is stupid and illogical. (Don't remove that, my words must stand as said... well typed.)  :) 

I've gotten extremely bold in my testimony recently. Its really quite amazing. First off because it is fun and second because it invites the Spirit into any conversation. We have contacted a crazy amount of people over the past few weeks, even in township I've never had so much success while tracting. 

We are getting a new Branch President soon, our current one is moving to Benoni and I'm really hoping that when the new guy is called we can really turn over a new leaf here in the branch as far as missionary and council coordination. Members are the key to success, I'm praying that we can start getting more people involved! 

I'm starting to read the standard works from the beginning. I'm enjoying the Old Testament. Its all God being like "if you're bad I'll kill you" and the Israelis are all like "well, we worship this cow any-who" and then they die. Repent or be destroyed. I suppose that is a good policy, it makes for a good read at the very least. 

Not really sure what else to include. 

Love ya all a lot. 

Elder McClellan

Oh, and the church is still true.

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