Sunday, August 24, 2014

week 36: progress

Well let's see here... compared to last week this one was fairly tame. However, the work moved forward and that made it all worth it! We suffered a bit from appointment droppage, but we persevered and managed to have a handful of powerful lessons that led to a number of our investigators progressing!

We actually had enough investigators to have a Gospel Principles class! Apparently that was the first time in months that it has been held. We are gaining new investigators, dropping those that are fong kong, and pressing forth with the work of the Lord! We are still preparing a young woman named Nelizwe (Nelly... she is 14 and her mom is a member) for baptism at the end of this month. Her interview will be this Friday, so I'm literally praying all will go well as we enter into this last week of prep.

We had a ton of service this week! On Saturday we participated in our branch's "Mormon Helping Hands" service project. We drove about  45min north to a small orphanage for girls and did a bit of work there. My job was to do the cutting-in on the painting. I was on a ladder for nearly 3 hours in blistering heat. (Well at least the top of the ladder was blistering.) We mostly painted, but we also did some work on the palisades outside. It was an amazing experience in all honesty. Elder Ah Wong managed to pick up a girl friend, but he didn't know what to do, so he came to me and asked me to give her our number (he didn't mention the fact she was obsessed.) I figured she wanted to learn about Christ so I gave it to her. Sunday she called twice, both times I answered. The first time she said she wanted to be our friend.... I was like okay... well, we teach about Christ.... and then she hung up. That girl was matata (translation, kind of: trouble.)

Later that night we went to brother Maleka's and broke his walls as we took out shelf mounts. It was fun, but again it was flipping hot.

The Sabbath was great, we had a few extra K's left over so we drove to a place called Barberton. It is kinda crazy, my area includes over 10 major towns and tons of township and village. We have a lot of area to cover and a couple million people needing to be taught.

As I mentioned last week I have begun reading the standard works for the very beginning. I've finished Genesis. It's fetching weird, but now I actually understand why the Hebrews were in Egypt and how all the genealogy of the patriarchs worked out. They dun lived in a messed up world. I think my favorite story was when two of the sons of Jacob go and slaughter an entire city after they had convinced that city to be circumcised. It says something like they were sore, so they could not fight and died. Ha, crazy world. I also noticed that when one of the patriarchs would sleep with a servant or concubine it always says that they were married before hand. And when Jehovah speaks he always uses plural forms of words, not singular. So either He has a multiple personality disorder or He and God the Father must be different people. Logic for the win. I think too many people remove logic when they try to decide points of doctrine for themselves. It is a very illogical thought to believe God the Father, Jesus, and The Holy Ghost are the same person. I'm enjoying the Old Testament.

I received sad news last week, I literally have less than 40 dollars to my name. Oh well, who needs money haha. It appears I will have to get very good at living off of allotment alone. Budgeting! Woo. I would sell a kidney at one of the local surgery shops, but I don't really want to get aids. Life is good.

I came to another very sad realization this week - the Les Mis soundtrack is not mission appropriate. Not sure why that took me so long to figure out, but I shall forever mourn the loss of it. I'm getting really tired of the music I have. I'm starting to making grunting sounds for entertainment instead of turning music on.

I don't know what else to include. 

I love you all a lot. Miss you all a lot. Keep on doing the right thing.

Love, Elder Kelly McClellan

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