Monday, October 13, 2014

week 44: transfer calls

The sad news came Saturday that I'm being transferred. It just about killed me haha; for the rest of Saturday and Sunday we went about saying goodbye to people; that was sad as well. In my first area I was that awkward little missionary that didn't know up from down; now that I actually know what I'm doing, I had the opportunity to form some truly amazing relationships with people. A few people cried, everyone said how much they would miss me. It is times like this that I hate serving in Africa. Chances are I'll never see them again in this life, and that is not a fun thought to entertain. As I went about trying to do my last few bits of good in this part of the Vineyard I could not really help but be happy as I thought back over the past 4 1/2 months that I've spent here. From 7 lessons a week at the start to 65 in the last two weeks, we have had some amazing growth! I've baptized 3 people here and next transfer 5 more of the people I've been teaching will get baptized. When I first got to this area I thought it was a bit of a punishment based on the reputation it has throughout the mission; however, it is amazing what happens when you press forth in faith. Nelspruit is known as a "dead area" and the "refiners fire", but it turned out to be 4.5 months of absolutely outstanding missionary work. It feels a lot like leaving home for a third time. 

We had the chance to work very closely with Elder and Sister Scott this week and wow was it fun! We spent about 10 hours in the car one day when we drove from Nelspruit to Sabie to Whiteriver to JoJoJo to Hazyview to Sabie to Nelspruit and it was amazing. We drove through some truly African village areas. It is a humbling thing to experience and it kind of makes you think of the "first world problems" so many people are experiencing back home haha. 

In the past three weeks we visited the Weitsz family three times I think, and it's really been quite fun to go and see them. Brother Weitsz is in private security so one time we went out there he showed me all the toys from body armor and night vision to a newly developed pistol caliber. Quite fun. When we went out there yesterday we went romping through the woods for a "family" style outing. They are such a wonderful family and have really made my time here in Nelspruit amazing. 

As for fun adventures, there really hasn't been a whole lot of that. We have been so busy that we have been unable to do all that we need to. Not to mention it has been hot as fetch. African summers.... I love it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to die when I come home. From summer in Africa to winter in Washington. Maybe i should pay a villager to make me a lion skin coat.... Probably not. Plus I'd most likely get arrested at the airport... but I suppose those really are just technicalities. 

Nelspruit is such a beautiful place. Now I'm leaving it for ugly old Joburg. Bleh. Filth. On an interesting note, Jozi central (not where I'm going) is one of the highest crime cities in the world. Elder Scott (who worked for the LAPD) said it was like Wats on steroids. Fun times haha, maybe that's why Elder Cook ordered the missionaries to be taken out of there. Hmm, we are the Johannesburg mission yet we have no missionaries in Johannesburg... fun times.

Not sure what else to say; hope all is well. Remember who you are!

Love, Elder McClellan

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  1. Sure miss you Son, hope all goes smooth with the transfer..