Tuesday, October 28, 2014

week 46

Life is good, this week was quiet. Unfortunately I had a bout of the flu and was unable to work every day, but with the time we did have I feel a difference was made. 

Our area is not doing all that well, I came into a pretty dead area and we have yet to get it back to snuff. Then again, the two weeks I've been here have seen some progress. Starting today we are starting a massive "talk to everyone" campaign. Should be fun. You meet all sorts out in the township.

As I did in my first area I already seem to have a "heroism" of sorts. Not that it is wanted; it is a side effect of being a white guy out in the township I suppose. Any-who, it does make me feel appreciated and each day my self esteem gets a bit of a boost ;).However, being followed does get a bit old. I'm glad we have a car! It is fairly often we have to make a speedy get away.

Last Friday I went on exchanges to Germiston with Elder Allan who is from WA! It was sweet, accept for the rain... and the fact we were on bikes, but all things considered it was great! I gained a lot of respect for my former self tearing all over Leavenworth on my bike, It was really quite physically demanding.

Elder Rini is from the eastern cape of South Africa. He is Cosa and has been out on mission for 9 1/2 months. (Today is my 11 month mark by the way.) He was in Serria Leon when Ebola broke out and he got Emergency Transferred to the Johannesburg mission about 3 months ago.

We finally watched General Conference this week! It was pretty darn outstanding. I need to re-watch it though to be honest. The creche  (kinda like a preschool) we meet in was extremely hot and it made it hard to focus. My favorite talk thus far was the "Which Way Do You Face" one by Lynn G Robbins. It was outstanding. (Click here to read the talk.)

Anyway, I think that covers it this week...

Love, Elder McClellan


  1. Always enjoy reading Kelly's posts! I need to watch general conference again too!

  2. He definately has a talent for writing! Seriously, not all boys do such a good job. I need to ask to send him a letter or a email? Which is best?