Monday, September 28, 2015

week 94

A group of my friends are driving here to see me today so I'm super excited for that! But it means that I have a very short time to email.
I had a very mixed week of good and bad. There was a holiday, so on par with every other holiday here, missionary work was near impossible. I did however go on exchanges with Elder Ndlovu and saw the first girl I ever taught and baptized on my mission! She is going super strong. Awesome young woman.
As far as investigators we have Corney, Nthabiseng, Khaukanani, and Mmanape on date for October the 25th. We are working with a number of less actives members, too: Brother Jonny, Klass, Sharon, George and Priscilla. We are seeing other people as well, but these are showing the most progress at the moment. I get to do a baptismal interview on Saturday!
Oh, I learned how to make a long bow this week, that was pretty fun. I also designed a handgun.
I will send a better letter next week!
Elder Kelly

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