Tuesday, December 10, 2013

into the field

From Sister Reber:

"The MTC is empty.  There is no more laughter in the halls.  The missionaries left this morning for their missions.  They were excited and ready to get out into the field.  I will most likely know their trainers.

These are the final photos I'm sending you.  It is the group photo that will hang on the wall of the MTC...

and also a Preach My Gospel photo with them holding up their manual."

(Can you find Elder McClellan?  Back left of top photo, second row behind the girl with the colorful skirt in the bottom photo.)

So... he is out of the nest and ready to fly!  Today I am praying that he will be safe, that he will get along with his trainer, that the "real" South African food will agree with his stomach, that he will find people to teach and feel joy.  I am so thankful to Brother and Sister Reber for giving him such a good start.  Now that he is in the field, we will probably only have updates once a week.  Check back Monday for a letter!

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