Monday, December 23, 2013

week two in the field

Okay,  here we go, I always forget so much!
So this week was crazy. I was sick nearly to death, but I managed to keep going. Mainly through lots of prayer and lots of mental toughness, though most of it was probably prayer and faith that I could keep going. Somehow I only got sick while in the apartment haha so the Lord was definitely wanting me to keep working! I've now been in the field two weeks, and I now know the only difference between fear and faith is action! When I first left the MTC I was terrified to talk to people, I was too worried about messing up, but I've come to realize that it doesn't matter how inadequate I may be, the Lord always gives those who serve Him the strength and words to do His will. Once I realized that the field got so much better!
  • Ether 12:27
  • "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness.  I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."

  • This has become very obvious in my life now, when you get out of the way and let the Spirit do the work everything just flows haha. I've spent a lot of time reading Luke 2: 7-14 this past week and reflecting on the life of the Savior. When reading verse uhm... 13? I believe, it occurred to me that we could have been there! That would be pretty amazing. 

  • This week during one of our lessons we were teaching a man named Paulus the plan of salvation, but somehow he got onto the law of chastity. He is 61 years old, it was harder to convince him to live it than all the teenage boys we have taught it to combined! It was ridiculous. I mentioned this at district meeting and all the Elders laughed, the senior couples however sat there stone faced.... that was awkward haha. 

  • This week started off pretty slow as far as teaching, but it picked up towards the end. We had a father led family drop us, that was rough, but he has his agency and there was nothing we could do. I did however make a point to tell him that his hard heart was affecting the salvation of not only him, but his children. Didn't change anything, so hopefully the seed that we planted will grow at another time down the road. We had a very good week besides that, lots of lessons, lots of new investigators. People here are mostly accepting of the gospel, they just fail to keep commitments. Church attendance is the bain of our existence, last week we had over 30 people swear up and down that they would come. Only one showed up... that was a "well flip elder" kind of moment. I almost wonder if we should leave trails of chocolate leading to the church to entice people to come haha.

  • I have become a master of the grilled cheese sandwich. That, eggs and cereal are about all I make now a days. The dinner appointments weren't that great this week because I was sick, I almost threw up all over Sister Sartosas table... Es muy malo. The next day however she bought us groceries so that was awesome! We now have 5.5kgs of pap... I hate pap... haha. It's a good stomach filler but that is literally it. The taste is non-existent and the texture is that of semi-dried concrete. 

  • Being literally as far as possible from where you start from really makes me appreciate the country that we belong to. There is a different feeling to America than the rest of the world. Thinking on it, I can really tell that it is the land of promise that Lehi talked about and that we live in the country he said would exist. I find it makes my life a lot easier to not think of home though, so really the only time I do is during my prayers. Homesickness hasn't really affected me at all, I love it here, I just miss a handful of people back home. 

  • It's been HOT. It's so much hotter here then in Joberg, it's quite annoying! Oh yeah, I stay in the city where the 2010 world cup was held. Hoping to go check the stadium out today. I have gained an appreciation for soccer, cricket, and rugby already. I'm trying to get a Springbucks jersey and I've decided that Manchester United is my soccer team. Last week we had a district activity and drove super far to play put put. I came in 5 under par and beat the next person by 10! Kurt, I hearby challenge you to a duel on the marrow that I get back. And yes, it will be to the pain. :)

  • I've spent hours studying the plan of salvation, and I've had some really cool insights that I can't wait to share once I'm home. A lot of it is well, yeah. Can't wait to go back to the temple! It's really too bad it's 3 hours away. I've decided when I get home I'm going to go to the earliest temple session I can find and stay in the celestial room until they ask me to leave. 

  • Me and my companion get along pretty well. The only problem is that I'm smarter than him, and he often tries to convince me of things that aren't so. Oh yeah, and he will not stop quoting things, sometimes it takes all my might to not strangle him. Besides that he is a great elder, and I have learned a lot about missionary work from him.

  • "You were held back 6,000 years because you were the most talented, the most obedient, the most courageous and the most righteous. Are you still?”- President Monson
  • I really liked this quote and it made me think, hopefully it will you guys too.

  • Not sure what else to add, life is good, the gospel is true. Oh wait! So the black girls here have a huge problem with modesty, and they also seem to really want them a white boy. Some days I can't walk 10 feet without some sort of harassment, it's ridiculous. When we go to KFC (yes even the black people here LOVE chicken) there is a girl that takes our order every time. And every time she flirts up a storm with me, it's ridiculous. I wish I could record it and send it. It's hilarious, oh yeah also, people here love to black bottle us. I'll leave that one up to your imagination, but yes your first though it probably correct. But anyways as I was saying, the gospel is true, the country is amazing and I wouldn't leave for the world. Hope all is well, pray for y'all a ton. Please don't die.

  • Love,
    Elder McClellan


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