Sunday, December 8, 2013

musical missionaries

From Sister Reber:

"Each missionary at the MTC is in the MTC choir.  Today they performed 'Angels we have Heard on High' to three different wards.  Elder Autry and Elder Mukonda took turns leading.  I accompanied on the piano.  They were fabulous!

Yesterday we had a great opportunity.  I invited the Christian Fellowship Group (of which I am a member) to a Christmas lunch at the MTC in our apartment.  I am the first Latter-day Saint to be on their committee and they have been pretty nervous about me.  It is a miracle that they agreed to come to the MTC.  Although the 5 different churches they belong to are in the neighborhood, they didn't know where our church was.  So yesterday we had a chance to bring the Church 'out of obscurity.'

After we ate in our apartment, we led them into where the missionaries were in class.  Then the missionaries performed for them.  The guests were amazed and just loved it.  We sang two more songs and they joined in.  The Spirit was strong and they could feel it.  This was a remarkable event to dispel bad feelings about the church.  President Reber fielded questions for an hour after singing.  The missionaries were a big part of this wonderful event."

(Were you able to find Elder McClellan?  Front and center in the top photo; second row, just behind and to the left of the guy in the red vest in the bottom photo.  Doesn't he look great?!?)

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