Monday, February 17, 2014

week 10: some bumps in the road

(Elder McClellan had a hard week last week.  These things happen during a mission, and I know he will overcome his obstacles, but it is still discouraging to read.  Short letter - I hate to put it out there on the blog, but this is how he was feeling when he wrote.  We can all keep him in our prayers.)

We had permission to confirm Rachel, but the branch first counselor said we couldn't because no one ever told him, and she left before we could figure things out. She will have to go another two weeks without the Holy Ghost. 

This week was okay. We met all the Standard of Excellence. Had a baptism. I  hate having a companion. hate it. hate it. hate it. Thursday we got into a fight and I was about to knock him the flip out but I decided to walk away. Never getting married, going to be a hermit when I get home. I do not like people.

Also there is a mail strike on, so there is a good chance the package you sent me got burned.There is also a good chance everything I sent last week got burned, so I doubt anyone will be getting letters for a while.

I'm glad my grandma enjoyed the flowers.

Not sure what else to say, I was sick yesterday. Sick today. Yeah. 

Can't wait for the March 18th transfer (change of area/ companion.) I kinda wish I could go into a coma until then. 

Picture is of Rachel, and a snake I saw.

Love Elder McClellan


  1. Our hearts and prayer are with one if our favorite missionaries! hang in there Kelly

  2. We love you Kelly hang in there. The Lord is with you so it can only get better!