Monday, February 10, 2014

week 9: protected

This week was something else. Very unproductive. Oh well, these weeks happen. Only had 16 lessons :(. We dropped about half of our investigators for being fong kong. We tract (go door to door) a few hours a day now in order to get our teaching pool back up to spec. 

I don't include dangerous stories to scare you, it is mainly just because that's how it is haha. This week we were talking to our investigator Thabong, and we asked him why he walked up to us on the streets. He said "it is because you're protected". We asked him to explain, and he proceeded to tell us for weeks his friends had been planning on mugging us, but it never worked out. About 3 weeks ago we walked past them in an alley and I was sure they were going to jump us, and Thabong said they were planning on it, but they were too afraid to do anything once we actually got there haha. He said "two white guys in Seshego? No way, you guys should be dead". It was quite the sharing time haha. Apparently he has since told his friends to leave us alone, so it is what ever. I don't fear much with the Lord on my side, though I don't use that as a reason to act stupid. I have abandoned my backpack, and just carry my scriptures. They don't seem to be interested at all now that I don't carry anything.

The spiritual thought for the week also comes from Thabong. During the law of chastity lesson he said this. "Yah know, here in South Africa it is just normal to go at it at a young age, and for a long time I didn't realize that was wrong. When I turned 16 I found Christ, I took time and read the scriptures. The world teaches these things are okay, but I took my time and got out of the world, and it is because of that I know that this is a commandment of God". I was amazed at this. I wrote it down immediately. It is so rare to find someone like him here, I just think that we can apply that to our lives as well. Sometimes we don't like commandments, but when we take the time to study them out, there is no way we can come up with any logical reasoning to not live them. Thabong is on date for baptism for the 23rd of March.

Yesterday we attended 5 baptisms and had the opportunity to participate in a confirmation. Next week we are baptizing Rachel, she is 16. Elder Wadsworth is baptizing her and I will confirm her the following Sunday.

No way about Bronte! That's amazing! Woo haha. Girls are better anyway! 

Not much happened this week. Oh yeah, I gave a talk yesterday on the temple. They left me with about an hour to prepare a talk haha. The people here feel like if they just don't want to do something the missionary will do it. I wish you could see the shock on their faces when they hear us tell them "no, we will not cover your responsibility". It is priceless!

The church here is very new, people know almost nothing about conducting meetings and it can be extremely painful when investigators are present. On Sunday Brother Dube got up and shared a war story about when they were fighting Zimbabwe. He says "Yeah we were set up for an ambush, but a guy wanted to smoke. He lit up and guess what happened? (he then starts yelling) THEY KILLED HIM ( he hits the stand) AND THAT'S WHY I HATE SMOKING!" I could not stop laughing. Good times down here in the Land of Africa.

Hmm lets see here. I think we may go play with crocodiles after this. In a few weeks I'm hoping to play with baby lions. They are a lot like kittens really. Just big, and well, have sharp claws. 

Not much really happened this week. Elder Kafusi joined our district. He is pretty awesome. It sounds like I may train immediately after I finish my training. President told me everyone says I'm doing excellent, so I guess that's good haha.

Oh yeah, we got a new car this week. Its a manual so that's been fun! Driving left handed stick in African traffic! I'm actually pretty good at it now though, and it is a lot more fun to drive. I got pulled over Tuesday going 84 in a 60... oops :). 

Hmm, yeah. Not much else to report. Wish I had more to say. 

Hope all is well, I miss you all very much. 

That whole Bronte thing has me really happy. I love babies :)

Love, Elder Kelly McClellan 

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  1. I love Elder McClellan! He keeps me happy and at the same time worried. :)