Monday, February 3, 2014

week 8: Life is great!

Life is great! For the most part. The work went very very very well this last week! We did lots of teaching, we have 3 golden investigators on date for this month, and we got a lot of new people to teach! Friday we went tracting and stumbled into a house full of people. We went back Saturday and taught them, which went surprisingly well, and then a few came to church! WOO! That's pretty much a home run, first week church attendance? Almost unheard of, people here have no clue what a commitment is. The work is progressing, and the Branch President said he could not be happier with the results we are having. He then proceeded to insult the other missionaries and members in the branch haha. Seshego for the win again!

I WENT ON A SAFARI TODAY! WOOO! It was amazing, it was self guided so it was super cheap. Saw everything but elephants, rhinos, and cape buffalo. We literally chased and played with giraffes for an hour! It was the best day of my life, I love giraffes so much! Then I found a giraffe knee bone and I took it home. We saw a baby giraffe, springbok, and warthog. All were very cute and could barely run. Giraffes running is hilarious, look it up on YouTube. Last P-day (Preparation day, when the missionaries do their laundry, go grocery shopping, write letters and have a bit of free time) we went and played with a tank! 

Seshego is getting more ghetto by the day. Sunday our group leader didn't show up. We stopped by his house and he was looking super haggard. We asked him what was wrong and he told us he had been out all night searching for his brother. They found him at 4am, his head was twisted around backwards and he was beaten to a pulp. Somehow he is still alive. This is the second member to be attacked since I got here. Then Saturday we were driving through Blood River, a section of our area that is super ghetto. It is pretty much gangsters everywhere, and they were following us. We proceeded to get out of Blood River asap and we have since marked it as a no fly zone.

On Friday we were walking down the street and this gangster dude rolls up in his Bentley and screams "MY NIGGGAHS" to us. To which I screamed "My Brew" which means my bro. Everyone on the street starts laughing and the guy just pulls away. It was great haha. I love the people here.  Oh yeah, we saw a lambo (Lamborghini) the other day, it made my heart race. I think if it was legal to marry a car I would.

My finger is doing fine now the swelling went down after a few days. However, I stepped on a thorn today that was 2 inches long and it went threw my foot. That blew. That blew a lot.

Also baby warthogs are super ugly. Not at all like in The Lion King!

I'm so happy the Hawks won. I think I could die now and be a happy man.

Woo go Joe! You now have more baptisms than me ;) But far less converts so I think that equals out.

Yah know senior missions are something else. There are so many different types and they range from awesome to suck. Luckily, you still pretty much get to do whatever you want. They live the cheese boy life haha. I'm sure if you want to the Lord will bless you with the ability to do so.

Spiritual thought:
I again left it but hopefully I can remember it. So we are taught in 1 Corinthians that our bodies are temples. When the temple was defiled Jesus purged it all out, even to the point of violence. So I suggest we take the advice in Doctrine & Covenants 88:124, where is says "cease to be idle and cease to be unclean." We must take it upon ourselves to make an effort and purge the bad from us and the Lord will make up for that which we can not do.  Yeah it would have been better....Sorry.

Life is good, I'm so very happy. Also, if possible you should write me hand written letters as well. Its really really really really really nice to get a letter haha.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, and I know it without a doubt. Remember to doubt your doubts more than you doubt your faith. Credit to the German guy who's name I can't spell but who gives the best talks. (He is referring to Dieter F. Uchtdorf, you can find his great talks at 

Also, I'm in the middle of nowhere in north South Africa. I only get packages and mail every 6 weeks. So Feb 4th, then March 18th, then April 29th. Just so you know. I'm in one of the most far north areas, so no one comes here much from Joburg. Its really far away. Like my area goes from Seshego to the boarder with Zimbabwe which is 2 hours away.
Hope all is well, please continue to not forget me.
Love, Elder Kelly McClellan


  1. Love that boy! I love his writing skills. I can vizualize everything he writes. :)

  2. Kelly love your blog and all the great information and sharing of your adventures! Keep safe and enjoy your amazing adventure!!!!