Monday, April 14, 2014

week 18: not much news

Well let's see here. Okay well yeah.

This week sucked mostly. I was literally on my death bed for half of it. I had a temp of 103 for a few days. That sucked. Luckily I felt well on my birthday though. Saturday we were at correlation and this is when I began to feel the most sick, by the time we left I was drooling on my self and could barely walk. Went home and passed out. 

My birthday was pretty darn good. 4 people from around the mission called me and sang happy birthday over the phone, then the senior missionaries took us out to dinner. Got your package Saturday night. It was amazing and made my life, thank you! 

We have 3 correlations with different people throughout the week, but Tuesday we meet with the Harwards (Senior missionaries.) As I walked in Sister Harward told me that I was baptizing someone on Sunday....alright haha. Yesterday I baptized Thapelo MMekeke Thomas Molepo. He is 8 years old, and literally the size of one of my legs. He is a tiny dude haha. I've had a lot of cool experiences on my mission, but I think this one was the best. After I baptized him he got up in front of everyone and spoke what has to be the sweetest testimony I have ever heard. Brought tears to my eyes, what a great day. 

Not a whole lot else happened this week, the computer won't let me upload pictures. Today we are going ziplinning. Looking forward to that. 

Love, Elder McClellan

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