Tuesday, April 22, 2014

week 19: a day late, but great

Last Monday was amazing, I went zip-lining up by Tzaneen. Best birthday present to myself ever. There were 11 lines down a jungle valley, we went over 2 water falls. The largest water fall was 50m and the smaller was about 20. I'm not sure I've ever been somewhere as beautiful as that! I'd send pictures, but I forgot my thumb drive. 

Seshego is getting difficult. African holidays last two-three weeks. Literally all of our investigators left our town-ship, we had 3 investigator lessons last week. :( Worst week ever. We did however still manage to have 23 lessons. We did LOTS of  IA and LA (inactive and less-active church member) work. 

Joe looked really good in those Mormal photos, he was shap shap. 

Yesterday we had a zone activity, we went and played sport in a park in the colored area of town. ("Colored" is not a racial slur in South Africa, it is the name given to half white/ half back people.) We played football and rugby, but decided to leave when some people in the corner of the field began to make a porn movie. That was awkward, but from a distance we made sure to let them know that God was not happy about their actions. 

Since I've been on mission I've kind of just been in a "yolo" (you only live once) kind of mood. It's quite fun actually, I'm doing things I never would before. Chasing rhinos and elephants, zip-lining in ghetto Africa. The thing is we have to have enough fun on Monday to last the rest of the week. Sure missionary work can be fun, but it's hard to see it when you walk 20ks a day. 

I've now been here about 5 months, that was really fast. Not sure where the time went there haha. 

Last night was scary, we were on exchanges so I was the only one who could drive the car. I was deathly tired by the end of the day, and well, I literally almost killed us 4 times. It was terrifying and I'm pretty sure the only reason we are alive is because God has a work for us to do. ish....

Uhm lets see here... yeah life is good. 

There is a Mormon message called Earthly Father, Heavenly Father that you should watch. Its powerful. 
Here is the link.

Love, Elder McClellan

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