Monday, April 28, 2014

week 20: transfer news - staying put!

I have literally no time today. Sorry. P-day (preparation day, when missionaries can take care of personal business like laundry, shopping and emailing) is Monday, but Africa has a stupid holiday every week so we often can't email until Tuesday because everything is closed. I hate it. 

The week was aight. Lots of lessons. Lots of walking. Hmm Pitbull just came on in the internet cafĂ©... I hate Pitbull. Anyways, transfer news came.... and I'm staying. What the flip? Like that's pretty rare haha, 6.5 months in the birthed area (the area a missionary goes to from the Missionary Training Center)... I'm very ready to move on to be honest!  My companion is the new District Leader.

Woo Bronte graduated! That's pretty cool. She looks pregnant now haha. I guess that happens.

Flip yeah... no time!

I'm sorry this letter is lame.

Elder McClellan

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  1. It seems it was a short letter day for our missionaries. Casey's didn't say much more than Kelly's. Love these boys