Monday, May 19, 2014

week 23: pictures

Yeah almost nothing happened this week. This letter is not going to be very good.

I do have a ton of pictures though, so that's good.

Monday through Thursday were just normal missionary work, except I did go on exchanges. I went to a place called Mokopane with Elder Kaufausi. I love that guy, the whole day we were just laughing and making jokes, while at the same time sharing the gospel. It was a sweet day. That night we went and got chocolate covered waffles. Tasty.

Friday we went to Tzaneen for Zone Conference. It was an amazing drive, I'd been there a lot, but since this is my last time going up there we stopped lots to take pictures. Most of the pics were taken on the drive up there. At ZC they just shambocked us for sucking for the most part. Oh well. I still enjoyed it.

While tracting this week we had two people in a row laugh at us. I was like... what the fetch... no one has laughed at us before. Not guna lie, when we walked away I told my comp " I hope they enjoy hell".... I kinda feel bad about it now... but they made me sad, well, and mostly ticked off. I'm just here like "hey my brew, let me share something with you that will bless your life" and they're just all "naw man naw... ha ha ha ha". Chumps.

Life is awesome, the church is still true.

Elder McClellan

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