Monday, May 26, 2014

week 24

Well, in all reality not much happened this week again. We are teaching a flipping ton... but everyone just listens because we are white. Friday night we were tracking just as it was becoming dark (which really is not the best idea) but anyway... I was on exchanges with Elder Mukarati from Zim. As we tracted we came across a young woman who was maybe 16? At first she saw Elder Mukarati and was about to tell us to go away, then I walked into view and she started getting all sorts of excited. It reminded me of a movie... maybe The Other Side of Heaven where they ask the missionary to give them a half white baby. It was super funny.  It's a competition among young women here to get pregnant... and if the man is white all the better. Pretty darn sad. 

Today we were supposed to play soccer on the field in the world cup stadium.... they canceled this morning. We now have nothing to do. I've included pics from our tour of the stadium last week. 

We are probably going to have 3 baptisms next transfer in this area, but the APs (Assistants to the mission President) told me I am for sure being transferred in 2 weeks. I'll most likely leave Limpopo and go back down to Gauntang province. 

Lately I've been writing a lot of things. Answering questions that I feel that I need to understand better. I'm now on my 6th page of writing about the question "how does one align their will with God's?"... I've noticed that most of what I write would not make a ton of sense to anyone but me. In lessons this is not a problem... but In my mind I have so many things going on that it makes next to no sense what is happening haha...

Anyways I'm not in a good mood... so I'm going to end the email now and go sleep until we go out tonight.

Love, Elder McClellan

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