Monday, June 2, 2014

week 25

Life is going well, but yeah, I had to disappoint more young women this week. They kind of use babies as accessories, and if it's half white, that's just for the better!

The investigator work is progressing! We will be baptizing.... the week after  I leave this area. I was sad for a time, then I realized it doesn't really matter if I'm here as long as they make it. LA (less active) work is going even better, last month we had 95% contact with the members of our group! That's up 30% from average per month last year haha. The group is on fire right now with reactivation and temple work!

I shouldn't know this, but one of the APs (assistants to the mission president) is my friend, so I asked him, and he told me that  I am getting a new area next week. I'll be able to let you know two Mondays from now where it is that I am.

Next week will be a much better letter because there will be things to report.  Today we are driving two hours north to do a hike, then 6 hours south to stay in the mission home because Zone Conference is tomorrow. It's going to be a long flipping day.

I'm quite sad to be leaving the group, last night I went around getting pictures with everyone. It's quite easy to learn to love these people.

Regarding the track team, Wow that's sweet! Not going to lie, I'm most proud of Willy! That is awesome he got over 40, I can't remember but I'm pretty sure I never did that in a meet. Good for him! What was Maddee's throw? Pretty impressive place for a freshmen.

I'm super excited to hear about Panda's mission call, I actually had a dream the other night he came here and I trained him haha. If he goes anywhere in Africa southeast I'm going to try to see him in the MTC. But, he will probably go to Oklahoma so yeah...

I'll send you a better message next week!
Love, Elder McClellan

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