Monday, June 9, 2014

week 26: hiking and zone conference

Alright this last week was crazy. Lots to report. Lots of pictures.

Let's first start off with the hike. Last Monday we had a zone activity that turned into a district activity because half the zone did not show up. That was awkward. Anyway, we went to a waterfall called Debengi. It was beautiful! Though I slipped on a rock and if Elder Kaufusi had not caught me I would have went for quite a good plunge. #neardeathexperience1 It was pretty sweet, and it was a super easy hike. Honestly the whole time it made me think of Shannon, pretty darn sure she would have loved it. After we discovered that half the zone would not be attending, we went off on a trek through the brush (not part of the hike.) This is ill advised, and I was very vocal about it. Brilliantly, we pressed forward, and by the end I only received two ticks on my bum! #Ihatewhenimright Eventually we made it out and I - once again - nearly fell on a slick rock. 

After leaving the hike we made the 5 hour drive to Joburg for Zone Conference the next day. We (well, I) chose that we would go the long way through Gianai just so I could take a picture of a rock. I've been trying very very hard to suppress my desire to take pictures for hours, but I could no longer be contained on this day. 

Eventually we made it to Joburg and went to a super cheesy (rich) pizza place (ha punny.). Any-who, we got there at like 8:30, we had to be in the mission home by about 9:30 in order to avoid receiving a verbal beating. We managed to make it, however as we left the pizza place we were charged by a group of homeless men. #neardeathexperience2

Zone Conference was the most powerful meeting I have ever attended, the Spirit rivaled that of the temple. First off, there is a special feeling when 100 Elders of the true church are gathered together, but second this was President Omer's last Zone Conference. After he bore his testimony he blessed the entire mission. I didn't even know you could bless hundreds of people at a time, but he dun did it. During his testimony I was fighting back  tears, but after the blessing they were flowing from everyone one in the room. As we left the chapel at the conclusion of the conference President Omer greeted each of us. I could not find words to tell him how I felt, so with tears still in my eyes I smiled and walked away. Now, you probably do not understand why it is that everyone (well lots of people) were so emotional, and you never will until you understand the type of man President Omer is.  He is the most Christ-like man I've ever meet. When he speaks he does so with power and authority. It's hard to describe him, but suffice it to say, he is an outstanding individual.

Friday we had a very interesting day. We had exchanges so Elder Brown and I went to Seshego. To sum it up there are 4 things I learned this day:
1) It sucks when your geyser (hot water tank) goes out and destroys your suit 
2) It sucks to get shot at #neardeathexperience3
3) If you turn off your car while driving it does not record the K's you drive, but it does lock the steering wheel #neardeathexperience4
4) Wear your seat belt or get ejected #neardeathexperience5
I feel as though all of those are self explanatory so I shall refrain from adding any detail in the slightest. 

Saturday was the big day, bum bum bum! Transfer News! On Tuesday President Omer had already told me that I was being transferred, so it was not a shock when that news came. My Zone Leader told me that the Assistants to the President told him I will be getting an undesirable companion. Elder Davis told me this transfer would be a growing experience... I'm terrified for tomorrow. I hate apostate missionaries. If I get one, someone will die, whether it be him or me, I know not, but the spirit of prophecy... or maybe pride... tells me that it won't be me! :)

Yesterday was my last day in Seshego, it was hard. During the announcements at church it was said that the group loves and will miss me. <3  As I bore my departing testimony I was having a pretty hard time. Over the past 6 months these people have become as family, I'm ready to leave Seshego, but never would I be ready to leave these people. From Brother Thabang to Sister Mary, these people range, and I'm of the firm opinion that these are the best Saints anywhere on all of the earth. It feels like I'm leaving home again, but this time I'll never come back. 

Two months after the fact we have finally finished general conference! Did you notice how Boyd k Packer practically bore his final testimony? 

I had not time to prepare a spiritual thought, but let it suffice for me to say that the things which I have spoken are true. Oh wait, fetch. Sorry, for some reason whenever I write my brain tries to use scriptural grammar and references.  Any-who, the church is true.

Elder Kelly McClellan 

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