Monday, February 9, 2015

week 61: so much awesome

This week was awesome. I went on another exchange to Sunnyside (Pretoria) and we ended up tracting and contacting for 5 hours. It is really nice to be at this point on mission, things such as that no longer feel overwhelming. What once made me want to jump off a cliff kinda just happens naturally now haha. Believe it or not, walking up to strangers and talking about the gospel (even in Africa) is not a very easy thing. 

Keamogetswe was baptized yesterday! It was amazing, 4.5 months of work finally paid off, and wow is she a quality convert. An hour before the baptism the Soshanguve missionaries let us know that the baptismal cloths were still at their flat. Flip. We had to drive to the Mabopane chapel, then to Pretoria, then back to Soshanguve to get baptismal suits. Somehow I did an hour and a half of driving in and hour. While keeping the speed limit haha. There was just no traffic. The baptismal program was flawless, and after she was baptized Kea bore her testimony. At first she kinda just said the standard "I know the church is true" and such... then she paused for about a minute, started crying and bore one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. I have only helped with one conversion in this area, but she is worth about 10 regular ones. I've only seen two other people so converted when they were baptized. Powerful. 

I talked to the APs  (Assistants to the Mission President) Friday night, and it sounds like this will be our last week in Hammanskraal. Not for sure, but probable. We are apparently having the problem of 10+ people going home, and 3 coming in... so naturally some areas will need to be closed.

This picture is with Tiego.

The FHE groups are doing okay. The Kekana group is still thriving, but Temba is struggling. The guy that was supposed to lead it didn't even show up yesterday. Ahhh. It's a bit rough, but we are going to keep trying and hopefully get it sorted out this week. 

My spiritual though is Mosiah 1:16. "And moreover, he also gave him charge concerning the records which were engraven on the plates of brass; and also, the sword of Laban, and the ball or director, which led our fathers through the wilderness, which was prepared by the hand of the Lord that thereby they might be led, every one according to the heed and diligence which they gave unto him." The Lord has prepared a way for us to make it safely through this life, if we give heed to His directions. We just need to be diligent.

This little girl is just about as cute as can be, all I know is her name is Johanna. She doesn't speak any English; every time she sees us she runs up and hugs us. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Kelly McClellan

Editor's note: the following was from Kelly's letter last week; originally, he said not to put it on the blog because he felt shy about his writing. I thought it was very inspiring, so I asked him for permission to share it here - I know all of you who read this blog will also be uplifted by his words. He is an awesome guy!

I wrote this in sacrament meeting yesterday...

The bread is broke, the water blessed
I partake in hopes my soul may rest. 
His body lifted, His blood shed
that His mighty mercy may extend.

Amongst the trees He suffered all,
of the cup He willfully took,
He did for me what I could not.
In humility He bore it all,
that if I so choose I may not fall.

Upon the cross He hung in scorn.
Pierced were His hands, feet, and side.
He gave His life a ransom for many,
for His friends His love did show
that by obedience we may return to a Heavenly home.

Wrapped in cloth and placed in stone,
many thought the great Jehovah was gone.
Briefly He sojourned in the world of spirits. 
A light gone out, returned eternally brighter.
For me He died, yet for me He lives,
that in the arm of flesh I need not rely.

A Perfect Man suffered, bled, and died
that I, perhaps, may choose to be sanctified.

The Savior's love knows no bounds.
By His works we can be made at one
and the imperfections of mortality over come,
that our celestial home may be within reach.

The bread is broke, the water blessed
I sit here wondering, "Am I doing my best?" 

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  1. That is the most powerful poem I have read in a long time! Wow! Just Wow!