Monday, February 16, 2015

week 62: getting transferred

Well first off, I'm glad people liked the poem. I have no confidence in my writing and I was worried all week someone from home was going to run up and kick me down. Not really but yeah.

We got the news on Friday that our area is closing. Today will be our last in Hammanskraal, and it is a bit more than extremely heart breaking. We did some good here. The Saints in this area are pretty darn secluded from the rest of the church, so we got pretty close to them. In a way we were their link to the Church. It sounds like the Stake has a plan to strengthen them though, so we are no longer their "anchor."

Keamogetswe Makwela was confirmed on Sunday and it was the cherry on top of an awesome four months of work. We reactivated a few, taught a lot, and baptized just one, but all in all it has been a wonderful experience. 

For our Family Home Evening groups, Elder Silvester and I performed "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again." He played the uke, I played the harmonica on the second verse. On  the last verse the whole group joined in singing, it was hard to hold back tears on that one. With every area it gets harder and harder to leave, I'm not really a fan of it to be honest. It is crazy to think I'll most likely just have two areas left. I take comfort in the hope of seeing them again one day though. 

The church this side is a lot different, so it is probably hard to understand why the missionaries and members get so close. At home we saw the missionaries once, maybe twice, a week? We see the members here most every day. I don't know, it is hard to explain. Missionary work in Africa is quite a bit different than in the Chelan Ward, believe it or not. 

Elder McClellan and Brother Washington

I was and am still sick. Unfortunately my medical knowledge is only as follows, "Head hurt? Take advil!" So yeah haha. I kinda just make my body fight off what ever it is when I do get sick, I don't have money for meds anywho. They are crazy expensive this side. It didn't make for a very fun day Tuesday. It was 105 degrees and we walked 25.5km's. Worst thing ever. We literally walked from 11-6. The worst was every time I needed to puke there were people around so I just had to swallow it. Gross. I figured, people who are walking around puking all over probably won't look like servants of Christ. Probably should have stayed home that day. Oh yeah, we also got robbed. But got it back. I was about to beat a dudes head in. Powerful.

Our car is being a bit of a bother. It was in the shop for about 9 hours total this week. We need a Backie. Well, did need one, haha. 

Two Kudu we saw in the area

But yeah, that's what I have for this week! The package isn't here yet, hopefully it arrives soon, it will serve as a much needed boost. 

Love, Elder McClellan

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