Monday, February 2, 2015

week 60

Well, if you were to look at this week on paper it would most likely be considered to have been worthless. Lessons and such were low; but more important than the stats, luckily, is what we accomplished. The FHE groups are thriving (alright, well one is haha and the other two are on the way.) We contacted the last two members on our roll that we had never seen before. And the Spirit was super strong. 

Keamogetswe passed her interview! It will be the first baptism the area has had in many months, and I'm so very excited for that. We got her to pick one of the local members to baptize her, though at first she would have none of it. We figure it'd be better for her to have that experience with someone that will be staying, rather than us who are going to get the boot it seems in just two short weeks! 

Last Monday we drove an hour to a church property way up in the mountains. After an hour hike we were at the top of a ridge overlooking a beautiful lake and farm lands. At the top there is an old abandoned British military outpost that dates back to the Boer wars and all the way up there were a number of hand cut  stones that once had constituted a barricade around the base. It has been vacant for hundreds of years and the baboons have now made a habit of destroying the walls, but it still made for an awesome experience! The Church bought it for hosting camps. Normally after a hike to the top there would be a spiritual message and stuff put on by the missionaries taking care of the property, but apparently we are already strong enough and the experience was not afforded, haha. 

That pretty much sums up last week. Oh, we also had an exchange on Friday. I went to Sunnyside (Pretoria, the country's capital) and had quite a blast with Elder Benge (from CA.) Man, this country is, uhm... immoral. Once the sun went down all the weirdos came out. We passed a lesbian hair salon and all the hair cutter people were naked. Awkward. We also some how found ourselves in the club district of the city while trying to track down a member, and well, needless to say, that led to a few interesting experiences. 

Awesome week. 

Love, Elder Kelly McClellan

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