Monday, March 3, 2014

week 12

Well, this week was good and bad and fun and suck and hot and cold. 

We were extremely productive! We went on two exchanges, and cleaned the car for zone meeting and then proceeded to get it dirty, then clean it again! 

We met a girl named Audrey on Tuesday, and we saw her again Friday. I put her on date 2 min into the lesson. I've had the opportunity to perform 3 baptisms right now and should have 2 more this month. 
The mission leaders have complimented me and say I'm doing quite well. That's a plus. 

In about 2 hours I'm driving the 3 hours to Joburg (Johannesburg). We have a zone meeting tomorrow. On the way down we are stopping at a private ranch and going for a hike. They have giraffes and such there. 

I was able to confirm Rachel Rasetja Mapolla yesterday. That was pretty cool, and I'm confirming someone else in two weeks. 

I'm  glad Kurt's mom is getting well, I've been praying for her. 

Let's see here... not a lot happened besides teaching this week. Uhm, hmm. Oh yeah, I'm done being trained.  In two weeks there is a 95% chance I'm getting a new companion and there is a 50% chance I'm going to train - my ZLs (Zone Leaders) told me that, but they don't really know anything, haha. 

I like that whole prayer story, its pretty darn cute and I appreciate it. 

Our area is redieing because we are baptizing or dropping everyone. We tract alot alot alot. On Tuesday we were on exchange with the ZLS and we walked for 3 hours in the rain. That was fun. 

Let's see here... oh yeah, there was an explosion on the N1 (kinda like I-5) It was  HUGE! It was a truck full of c4 and blasting caps bound for the mines in Zimbabwe. We drove past where it happened and wow. Everything was destroyed and the truck +2 cop cars were torn to shreds about the size of a dollar. 

I've almost killed 4 Baboons this week. They are worse then deer. 

Yeah there's not really anything else. I'm happy I get to go to zone conference and see one of my best friends from the MTC. That should be fun.

I was just talking to Bridger about track! It honestly almost made me cry when I realized that track starts so soon. Please tell everyone that was there last year that I miss them.

Life is awesome, the Gospel is true.

Love Elder

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