Monday, March 17, 2014

week 14: Seshego is on fire!

Let's see here, this week was outstanding! We had 36 lessons, 7 investigators at church (very hard because everyone has to walk), and well yeah! It was awesome. Yesterday I confirmed Lecton and this Sunday I'm baptizing Thabang. Uhm yeah, Seshego is on fire. The people we are finding are super powerful. We were told half a dozen times this week and it was even mentioned in sacrament meeting how awesome of a job we are doing. This area is about 3 years old, and everyone in our group agreed that we are the best missionaries it has had yet. Apparently we work really hard or something, I'm not quite sure what they're talking about to be honest. :)

Today is my last day with Elder Wadsworth, we are about to drive to Joburg and go to transfers tomorrow. We get to stay in the mission home tonight! Its super cheesy so that's pretty awesome haha. We are having problems with our water again, but its currently on so that's quite a blessing! I never realized how awesome it is to have running water until I came here. 

It is slowly transitioning to fall now. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. This morning there was actually condensation on the car! It is still hot and humid as flip during the day, but oh well. We have had 2 weeks of storm after storm. There has been some outstanding lightning! 

Yah know, Africa is quite a strange place. The people are kinda different. Like they will say they are busy, but they will be watching tv. My favorite thing is when you ask if you can teach them then they tell you "ish man I'm busy, come back next year" haha. Fools. 

Okay so we had a few crazy appointments this week! First off, we taught a guy who told us he was a terrorist in Mozambique. That was sup-awk. Apparently he went to be a terrorist, "got to filthily from the blood" (his exact words)  and then decided to stop being Muslim and go back to being Christian. His friends didn't like that so they slit his throat, but he lived and now he is just mentally challenged. Yeah, we are not going to teach him. 
Second: We have an investigator who told us "Yeah, I'm a science experiment". Upon further questioning he informed us that he could see through walls, hear people at the police station, and said there was a white man in his tv who talked to him and on occasion would come out and walk around the block with him. I could not stop laughing during the lesson. Elder Kafusi (we were on exchanges) was super freaked out by this guy. He is never going to be baptized but he told us "I'm going to drink my coffee, be baptized, get a woman, and there is nothing you can do to stop it" Dude is a loon, but we go there when we want to laugh. 
Also, while eating lunch a guy ran up to us pouring custard all over himself and started yelling in Septie at us haha. I told him "Hakuna matata" and he walked away.

Id love to hear about the track meets, and especially Joe, Willy, Panda, and Bridger. If i forgot any of my best friends, please feel free to include them as well.

Well, only had 5 min left, lets see here. Life is awesome, I'm not sure I've ever been so happy. The work is progressing and there is not a place in the world I'd rather be. 

The Church is true, don't worry about all the other crap.

Love, Elder McClellan

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  1. Can I just say....I LOVE THIS KID!!! He is amazing and although I miss him like crazy I am so proud of him.