Monday, March 10, 2014

week 13 in the field

Well, we did a lot this week.

On Monday we drove to Joburg, which took 6 hours. It is a 3 hour drive... The zone leaders got us lost trying to find the hike, that was lots of fun. We ended up on a muddy dirt road, which got our cars super dirty. We got shambocked for this because we are supposed to have super clean cars when we show up at zone conference. 

Zone conference was great. President Omer taught us about our missionary purpose, Sister Omer taught about finding, and the Apes (AP's - Assistants to the President) taught about preparing people for baptism. 

We stayed at the mission home which was awesome. We also ate at a super expensive restaurant, this I had not money for, so another missionary bought me dinner which was super nice of him. I'm not sure why the ZLs decided to go there, but yeah it was tasty. 

On the way back from Joburg we stopped at a place on the N1 where a truck full of explosives blew up, that was exciting. 

One of the guys in our zone drove 180 ks/h all the way down. As you can imagine this is very very fast, and well he kept getting lost so it was just super funny. We all left the restaurant and were about to go to the mission home and then all of a sudden we see his bockie fly by us going the wrong way. We all started dying, this was the third time that day he had gotten lost. 

We had a great week, very productive. We had a baptism yesterday, of Lecton Moyabo Macheru. We baptized his niece a few months ago, so that was pretty awesome. His dad was a member so that's also good. His dad was a priest for 22 years... he was baptized when he was 45 and was active the whole time... sometimes Africa is a little behind on the whole doing things the correct way thing. After Lecton was baptized he thought he was done so he left, and everyone was inside the chapel waiting for him, haha. We had to run him down and tell him to come back, that was pretty hilarious. 

I'm very very tired. Zip lining got canceled today because of rain, so we are just going to go hang out at the flat.

Also if possible, I could really use a USB and sd card. They are flipping expensive here! About 3x as much as back home.

Not sure what else to say. I'm just very very tired. Going to go get food after this then nap the day away. 

Hope all is well.

Love Elder McClellan

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