Monday, March 24, 2014

week 15: new companion

So my new comp is Elder Jacob Brasher from Idaho falls. He has been out about 9 months. Wow I'm already at 4, that's pretty crazy. The time goes by so very fast. Anyways, I really like him. We give each other a lot of crap, he reminds me a lot of Paul. Also I haven't been sending pics because I didn't want to get my camera stolen. But I'll attach some next week. 

Thabang's baptism was amazing, he was the first person I have personally baptized. We had been working with him for about two months, he had to overcome a lot, but the whole time he pushed forward and it was amazing to see the change in his life. He was born in a village a few Ks from Seshego called Blood River. It's a pretty sketchy place, and as such he kind of grew up as a thug, but when I pulled him up out of the water he had tears in his eyes and he told me he had never felt so happy. When he gave his testimony he talked about how he had never felt such a feeling of belonging as he did in the church. We have had quite a few baptisms since I've been here, but at none of those was the Spirit's presence so strong. 

(Comment from Shannon - I forwarded some of the missionary experiences Casey Sorensen is having in England to Kelly, and that is what he is commenting on here.)  Casey's teaching people while they are nude is pretty similar to lots of experiences we have had. Here in Africa it seems as though everyone is half nude and sometimes full. You'd be surprised at how many doors we knock on, people tell us to come in, then they are completely naked. The just don't care.

We had a crap week. Everything fell through, but oh well. Next week....that's going to be quite the week. I can feel it!

Our General Conference is at the end of April, I'm pretty dang excited for it too haha.

Woo Joe is a nerd, good work kid.  (In response to State Knowledge Bowl.)

We are going to an animal reserve today to hunt down the rhinos that have been hiding from us! They shall not escape again. We looked for 7 hours for them last time haha.

Life is well, though I'm really tired.

Also, that backpack I bought sucks. It broke already. I hate it. 

So last night we were at a DA (dinner appointment), and after we had filled ourselves I decided to exclaim that "aiee the church is true." Sis Ruth laughed, so that was a pretty good time. I think I'm starting to talk funny, I've stopped pronouncing my "R"s.

Hope all is well, oh yeah, my birthday is soon, so I'm going to buy a 44 oz stake for about 5 dollars US and cook it. Super excited haha.

Love, Elder McClellan 

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