Monday, March 9, 2015

week 65 (this Elder needs a hug and some new pants!)

Well, this week was about the same. The last three weeks in a row we have only managed twelve lessons per week. We are trying to start working with the ward a lot more, but yeah. 

I'm really sorry but I'm so tired of emailing. It literally drives me crazy.  I always have all this stuff I want you guys to know, but then I get here, look at the key board, and lose all care. 

I gave a talk in sacrament yesterday about my conversion and related that back to the work done by the members, not the missionaries. It went pretty well, everyone came up to me afterwards and told me how wonderful it was. Most of the young ones were just fascinated by the fact I ate a snake... how that worked into the talk I'm not so sure... but they think I'm "awesome" now haha. 

We are not finding much success in tracting. We only contacted one person in all of last week.

All of my clothes are dying haha. I kinda look like a hobo. It will be pretty awkward, on Wednesday we have zone conference that is going to focus on dress standards. They are going to start getting after us apparently if our clothes are worn out, but hey what can I do.  I've been on bikes three weeks now. One pair of pants was torn. My thighs are already too big for another pair, so I'm just left with the third. On the bright side, I'm losing a lota weight haha. My belt is too lose on the lowest hole and I already added an extra 4 to the originals. 

That's about all I got

Love yah lots

Elder Kelly

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  1. Thighs are growing and the waist is shrinking... He's going to come back to us an ANIMAL!!!