Monday, April 13, 2015

week 70: a birthday to remember

Let's see, I had the best birthday ever... basically. There was no cake... or food actually...but I went to the Temple in Joburg with Thabang (Thabang means happy) Mothata (the first person I ever baptized.) It was incredible, the session was full of people who came just to support him. Elder Brasher (my companion when I baptized him) was able to come, three senior couples came, and the Mission President also attended! It was amazing, it was edifying, it was fulfilling in every way. A day doesn't go by that I don't worry about those I have taught and baptized, but with him there is no worry. He is converted to the gospel. He loves Christ. He loves the gospel. I've never meet anyone like him. It's funny, I baptized him, yet I look up to him. I think I've said this before, but he alone has made the sacrifice of two years completely worth it, and everything else is just a bonus. He was once a totsie (gangster) and now he is a disciple of Christ. I'm not eloquent enough to put into words the degree of his change, but it has been extreme, and he did it in just one year. Amazing in my opinion. 

The rest of the week went pretty darn well. We are actually finding new people to teach! We got a white lady referred to us! In 17 months, that's the first white person that someone sent to us, haha. Powerful.

I put new tires on my bike which is nice... I love mountain biking! We have random trails throughout our area and I love riding them while going between appointments. Better yet, I haven't even crashed yet. I did however hurt my knee the other day, it was unfortunate. Hopefully it fixes itself in the next few days, I'd rather not go to the doctor. Doctors this side are scary at the best of times. 

Good news, I didn't almost die this week. I saw a guy getting mugged yesterday... but I decided it wasn't worth getting stabbed so I kept going. If it was a woman I totally would have helped. But yeah. I have less than 200 days left, and the idea of returning home in one piece becomes a bit sweeter every day. And yes, I fully realize I'm a bad person for not helping him, but 8 on 2 (my companion would just watch from afar...) is just not good odds. I miss my guns haha.

Love y'ah all lots. I'm starting to count the days till I get home. 

Elder McClellan

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