Monday, April 27, 2015

week 72

Yah know, in my first area people told me that no one would want to mug me. Thus far they have been right. Anytime I've been in danger they were always targeting someone else, so I'm not too worried about this xenophobia nonsense. I'm not all that big, but compared to most blacks here I'm fairly large, so all shall be well.

The work is a bit slow at the moment.  April here is just one giant holiday, so most people are gone.

I'm getting more daring on my mountain bike. I hit a huge jump the other day and nearly broke my neck, but I didn't, so it was awesome. I'm totally going to have to get into it when I go home, I think it is the only activity I love as much as guns, haha. 

I have to say Joe and Davia look pretty great in their Prom picture. So does the lake. I can't wait to get back there, I miss Manson. Six months from today I'll be on my way. 

Welcome home Casey! My friend here can tell where Casey got his suit from in England, funny British people.

I'm tired of people not being able to say my name, so I now have "Elder Kelly" badges. It's pretty powerful, and most are jealous that I get to go by my first name. 

My Mission President told me to make a plan for when I get home.  I want with all my heart to go to university, but I just don't know how to get that done. I'm ignorant as to how to make that happen, and I don't have time on Mondays to figure it out either. I'm considering going into the Air Force, I'm waiting for a bit of feed back and advice from my brother though. Honestly, at the moment joining the Air Force is kinda at the front of my options. I've been praying a lot about it, and I feel quite good about it, but I haven't yet received the impression that I'm looking for. If I commit, that will be four more years at minimum that I'm not in control of my life, and I'd very much like Heavenly Father's assurance before I do such a thing. It is annoying, being poor as dirt kinda limits my options ha.

I'm tired of tracting and things. I'm going to start making cookies and such for people like the Sister missionaries do to see if that will get me anywhere. You should see if the Sisters in Chelan have any ideas that my small male brain can just not conceive. 

Love, Elder Kelly

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