Monday, May 4, 2015

week 73

This week was pretty great. Not a lot happened, but it was nice. The work this side is hard, and there were two holidays this week so most people were either gone or drunk. Thank you for doing that Fasfa stuff for me, I really appreciate it! I'm currently working on trying to figure it out, but my brain is kinda small, so it makes it difficult.

On the bright side, one of the young women from the ward yesterday mentioned (in her words), my "arms and chest are getting huge." This whole biking 40+ k's a day is making me lose lots of weight, and I'm lifting every morning. It is nice. I never thought I would enjoy exercise.

Let's see here, what else should I say. I'm trying to send pictures, but the computer refuses to load them, sorry. There are certain things I won't miss about being in a third world country. 

Honestly not much happened this week. I wrote a spiritual thought to send home, but forgot it at the flat.

My knee is giving me problems. So this week I'm going to eat a lot of celery and hope that helps. People keep telling me it will. Sounds a bit like some crazy African superstition, but hey sometimes they are correct. Not often, but sometimes. This one time they got me to rub some mud on a rash and it made it 10 times worse haha. Good times.

Anyways, that's about all I got.

Love, Kelly

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