Monday, May 25, 2015

week 76

Sorry for the short emails the last couple weeks, I'm pretty drained to be honest. I have a car again, but being in township is exhausting. The people are difficult to teach so you have to work a lot harder. You always have to be watching to make sure no one is doing anything funny. It may not sound all that hard, but after 18 months I can barely get out of bed in the morning, so please bear with me haha. 

Let's see here, so you asked about last Monday... we drove the hour to Pretoria and walked around the National Mall for 8 hours. Anyone who knows me knows that isn't my idea of a good time, but hey, everyone else enjoyed it. I guess that's what matters. I found an American magazine called Recoil, and I couldn't resist looking... it pretty much made my life. I miss my guns.

Our Bishop is frustrating me. We wanted to have an activity. We listed a couple of ideas, and he said no to all. His justification for this? The ward is having an activity in September and in December. Yes, two a year... that's definitely enough. Hmm. Then he said we are not allowed to teach at the chapel, but the First Presidency has told missionaries to do so. It can be hard working with ward leaders.

On the positive side we are teaching a lot of awesome people. The best is probably a guy named Thabo, he is a business owner. Sells water. The water here has been destroyed by the mining industry, so not only do you get the runs by drinking it, but you also get cancer. Awesome. Anyways, he is one of the most intelligent people I have met this side. He is level-headed and willing to listen, and that right there is half the battle. He is not on date to be baptized yet, but the last lesson we had was on baptism, and I'm pretty sure we made a lot of progress. Everywhere I have been sent to serve, I have felt that I was there for a specific person, and I feel I was sent here to help him. He is a sweet guy. 

I'm still trying to make a plan for when I get home. At the moment I am still considering enlisting in the Air Force, but I'm looking into ROTC scholarships too. I'd rather go to University, but I have forgotten everything I learned in high school, and I don't think I would make the requirements for the scholarship at this point. If I do enlist I think I'll do it at the end of the summer, so I can spend some time at home before moving on to the next thing. In all honesty, I have no idea what I'll do, it is a whole lot of thoughts, but so far nothing seems to be sticking. 

Anyways. that's what I got.

Love yah all lots! 

Also... uhm. President is attempting to extend my there is a chance I won't be home until mid-December... but yeah, haha, I'll keep you posted. 

Love, Elder Kelly  

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