Monday, May 18, 2015

week 75: on to Kwa Guqa

Transfers were Tuesday, and I'm back in the middle of nowhere. I'm in Mpumalanga province now, in a township called Kwa Guqa (there is a click on the Q that is ridiculously hard to pronounce...) The ward here has a nice chapel. It is near a town called Witbank, and about 2 hours from my previous area of Nelspruit. 

(click on map to enlarge)

It is pretty darn ghetto. It is crazy, I just went from one of the richest areas of South Africa, where I would see Bentleys daily, back to the third world. Wow, is it a transition. We get fed a lot which is nice, but the food is ehh... great... so much my stomach has been dying all week haha. 

My new companion is Elder Bryner from Utah. All is well, we have fun. We have a pretty nice flat in all reality. We are in what appears to be the richest area of Witbank. 

We are going to Pretoria ( the country capital) today to see if we can find something fun to do. It is about 100 kilos away. Let's see here, that's about all I've got. 

I don't feel very well at the moment and it is hard for me to be all that creative. 

Love yah
Elder Kelly

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