Monday, June 1, 2015

week 77

Well you got me, I'm "trunky" as they say. (Editor's note: "trunky" means ready to go home.) I prefer to say I'm tired. But all is well, we had our best week this past one since I've been in this area, so that was nice. Thabo is good, he is a great guy. 

Elder Bryner and I are both supposed to be going home in 5 months. I'm not sure why President put us together haha, he is more tired than me. But we get along great and we are trying to make some plans to make the work go even better than it already is. I guess we will see in the upcoming week if it works out. It's hard at this point, but I'm still working and I feel the Spirit so I'm happy.

We are going to sit in the flat all day today for P-day because the missionaries we share a car with drove two hours to a different place last night. Yay. That's about all I got. Since there is nothing to do I think I'm going to go take a nap.

Love, Elder Kelly 

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