Wednesday, June 10, 2015

week 78

This week we taught a whole bunch, I'm not sure if it got us anywhere, but we taught a lot. No one we taught seems to want to do anything to help themselves, but they are very happy to listen. Well not everyone we teach, but most. It may be time to start rebuilding our teaching pool. A few people have a lot of potential at this time, they understand and all, but they are failing to make that next needed step which is to do something about it. I miss town haha, less people to teach, but they actually do things.

On the bright side of things we got two brothers who hadn't come to church in months to come on Sunday! That was awesome, and better yet the ward did a good job of greeting and fellowshipping them. Hopefully, we can help them become reactive again over the next month or two.

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday, so we had to drive to Pretoria again. We talked about a lot of inspiring stuff, but I can't remember specifics at the moment... I'm really tired and hungry so it is hard to think. (Editor's note: Here is the Zone Conference agenda I found on the Mission President's wife's blog. "SAJM" stands for South Africa Johannesburg Mission.)

08h15    Group Study            Welcome! To help us prepare for Zone Conference, we’ll
now study together and listen to a talk given at last year’s
Mission President Seminar by Bishop Causse. Following the talk, President Dunn will moderate a short discussion on what we have learned.

09h00    Welcome              • Welcome to Zone Conference
• President Dunn presides, Elder Browning to conduct
• Opening Hymn: #219 “Because I have been given much”
• Invocation: Elder Bua

09h05    Announcements        • Green Card collection (Assistants)
• Lunchtime raffle for Green Card holders
• Please write down any questions you have on the paper provided and put them in the box at the back. These will be answered by leaders at the end of the day.
• New inserts for the green policy manual…please pick up
• Turn over time to Sister Dunn for birthdays followed by the Assistants who will discuss our mission goals

09h10    Birthdays  (Sister Dunn) • Announce all birthdays

09h15    Mission Goals  (Assistants)        • Announce/Distribute SAJM Messenger bags
• Mission Goals Review

09h20    Program                 • “Becoming a full-purpose missionary” (President Dunn)
• Followed by a snack break at 10h20 in the foyer
• We will then go to our workshops:
-        “Teach & Testify” (Bedfordview) – HC Room
-        “The 30 second approach (Benoni) – RS Room
-        “Self-Reliance & Integrity” (The Vaal) – Chapel
• Please rotate “down” to the next workshop
• Lunch served at noon in Cultural Hall
-        Group Zone Photos will be taken
-        Please thank senior couples for serving
-        Raffle for green cards
• 13h00, third session of workshops
• 13h40 slideshow and questions

1340     Announce    • We will now have our SAJM slide show and then turn
the time over to President Dunn for questions. At the conclusion of his remarks…
• Closing Hymn: Mission Song
• Closing Prayer: Elder Savage

Pretoria Zone - Elder McClellan third from left, back row

We watched Elder L. Tom Perry's Funeral on Friday. or Saturday. One of the two. It was good I guess. If a funeral can be good.

I have started rereading Jesus the Christ. That right there is a great book. I finished about half of it this week. I think I may slow down though, make it last a bit longer. Also, I'm in need of scriptures again. I won't tell you what happened to them this time. This is the 4th pair I have gone through now. Actually. It's the 4th pair someone seemed to think they had a better plan for than I do. All of my notes and markings gone again. Yay. 

But yeah, that was my week. We have more meetings and stuff we have to go to this week and Friday we are going to the temple. Should go pretty darn quick.

Love, Elder Kelly

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