Monday, June 15, 2015

week 79

Well let's see. This last week was quite busy. 

We went to the temple on Friday, got picked on by some church PR reps afterwards. They were making a video about Fatherhood, and a few of us got to talk. (Video is on Kelly's fb page.) Here is a picture of my zone:

And a picture of us saying goodbye to the Bergs (PR missionaries):

That was a pretty great day. I've been pretty drained lately and it really reinvigorated me. There was a General Authority in the session and his daughter was there. I had met her in my last area and she kept looking at me the whole time. Pretty darn distracting. 

I was feeling great until the missionary next to me decided it would be a good idea to grab the wheel and jerk it while we were going 120kph in heavy traffic. After that I was pretty mad the rest of the day. 

It appears you know of my hair cut. That happened Saturday morning. After nearly 20 months of companion study I wanted to liven things up, so we cut my hair! I actually really like it. Got a whole bunch of compliments. One girl even asked me to marry her. It is working, haha. I think I may keep it to be honest. We went to the office today to get a brand new car and they said nothing about I'm pretty sure it is fine. Besides, Elder Scott (senior missionary in Nelspruit) taught me a good principal, "when in doubt, do it, then ask for forgiveness later." I'm not sure if that is doctrine... or if he was serious... but it sure makes life a whole lot less stressful. 

Let's see. What else. I'm still sick. I have yet to do anything about it. Maybe tomorrow we will finally have time to go to the chemist. Actually, we got invited to a party by the bishop tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday. Life is hectic and busy this side. I can't wait for the sweet relief of having nothing to do. 

On the bright side of things I have been extremely happy since the Temple trip. It was strange, in the Celestial room I just had the feeling all would be okay. I was like, well yeah, nothing is wrong. But I found out today why I got that on Friday. Strange how all that works. The Lord prepares us.

I've kind of gone through phases on my mission of what I like to teach about. As of late it has been the Holy Ghost. At the start of my mission people always said that the Holy Ghost was the true teacher. This kinda made me mad. I was thinking, "Aren't I the one that came to Africa?" It has been wonderful to see my understanding of Him and my relationship with Him grow. We have bad days quite a bit, but I have realized it is hard to be upset when you have His companionship. Things just seem to roll off. You're never really lost. You always know what to do or say next. It took me a year and a half haha, but I finally understand what people mean when they say to rely upon Him. Through His companionship I have definitely seen an increase in happiness, and I've also come to know my Savior and Heavenly Father greater. It is kind of funny how it works. Everything about the gospel is a circle. Everything relates back to another thing. It is like someone really smart came up with it or something!

I'm not sure if any of this makes sense. I'm alive and well.

Elder Kelly

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