Monday, April 20, 2015

week 71

Yeah... So I typed a whole email and it just deleted itself. I pretty much hate everything. It only took 30 minutes to write.

I had a pretty good week. Taught some new people and such. South Africa is having some problems at the moment. They can't keep the power on because their systems are failing. Everyday the power goes out. Then a few weeks ago the Zulu king made a comment about kicking out all foreigners and now a lot of people are using it as an excuse to be stupid. They are burning shops and cars, stoning people in the streets. Luckily the crazies haven't gotten any closer then 30 kilos away from me. Also luckily (for me) they are focused on black foreigners at the moment. Hopefully this all goes away. Most think it will just stay black on black violence. 

On Tuesday we went to the Mission President's house for zone interviews. President Dunn spends about 15-20 minutes interviewing each person. We started off with a "service scavenger hunt" looking for service that we could do while the other Elders were being interviewed. I found some good opportunities in the kitchen...

I'm loving my area. It's pretty awesome, I'm 20 years old and I've been set loose in Africa! It leads to some pretty amazing times eh?

Anyways, now I'm out of time because I had to retype this. 

Love, Kelly

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