Monday, July 6, 2015

week 82

How is the new mission? Well nothing has changed as of yet. Still in the same place with the same people, doing the same things. There is literally nothing to do here. There are no game parks, no hikes, no nothing. I'm pretty tired of Kwa Guqa to be honest. I'm probably feeling negative because nothing happened this past week. It was a holiday so there was no one at home. We didn't meet any new awesome people because almost everyone was drunk. We didn't teach any good lessons because no one was home. So yeah.

Uhm, lets see here. I'm sending three pictures. The one of the house is a typical African township house. Notice it has a TV dish on the outside? But if you were to go inside there would be no food.
Interesting eh? 

The other two are of me and my zone saying goodbye to President and Sister Dunn.

Oh, I'm not sick anymore. So that's good news. Basically everything I could tell you I already have, so yeah. Not much to say. Sorry Neh?

Love, Elder Kelly

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