Monday, July 27, 2015

week 85

Well, the hike last week fell through. Long story. At the African shop I got a whole lot of stuff, but I ended up giving my tekkies to an African and that was a bit sad. Oh - tekkies are shoes. 

Let's see here, man so much happens, but once Monday comes my brain is empty. 

For the next week, we have to go to Pretoria today, exchanges with the Assistants to the President on Tuesday, Zone Conference in Pretoria on Wednesday, no appointments yet on Thursday, and Friday there is a game on we can't watch haha. Darn. 

Right now I feel like a mission should be 18 months. Then I was still all excited and spiritual and such, but now... I'm just tired of everything. I'm tired of ward leaders, I'm tired of worrying about what people will say during lessons and talks at church, I'm tired of people not keeping commitments, I'm tired of always being told what to do and just about everything else. It seems like everyone else over 18 months in my district feels the same way. It is even hard to get out of bed. The "glamour" of Africa has worn off. I told my Mission President this, and he laughed and said "yeah that happens." Not as helpful as I was hoping he would be haha. But I guess it is good to know it is normal to feel this way. The Mission President said I've been running for 19 months and it is time to start walking. He also said this avoids a crash once I get home. But I just need to keep moving.

I'm still not sure what I'll be doing in three months. Funny enough, I've been thinking a lot about the military lately, and I got an email from a recruiter this past week. I will have to get to work. I might go to university the following fall, or maybe join the military in spring. 

I just tell you the same things over and over haha... then again, I guess mission is the same thing over and over... so it makes sense why I do that. 

I'll try and get robbed or something this week so I have something exciting to write home about. 

Elder Kelly 

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