Monday, August 3, 2015

week 86

Well this whole transfer has been extremely challenging for me. In fact, I'm not sure if I have ever experienced a harder time in my life. Up to somewhere around 18-19 months the mission was quite easy for the most part, of course there was the occasional struggle, but it was far from an every day sort of thing, but these last few weeks have been rough haha. I'm still trying to figure out why, but hopefully it has passed because these past few days have been quite awesome.

Saturday morning President Wilson called me and told me I'm being transferred to an area called Attridgeville to be with Elder Kenya on Tuesday. My seventh and most probably final area. Oh yeah, President doesn't know when I'm going home, but he said if he had to bet it would be the end of October. Better yet I'll be flying out of Botswana according to the current plan, so that should be awesome! So I have twelve weeks left, which goes by in just about the blink of an eye. Also, I think I'll be flying into Seattle, which days of the week does Kurt go to that side? I think my step dad will pick me up, and it would be awfully convenient if I could ride back with Kurt.

Anyways, towards the middle of the day on Saturday it kind of hit me I'll be leaving so we went home a bit early so that I could begin the long process of packing all my junk. After a few minutes I gave up and began writing, for some reason I seem to feel the Spirit strongest while writing poetry. Not sure why since I don't really find it to be one of my strong suits, but I had a wonderful confirmation that Heavenly Father loves me. I had been trying to find that for months. I've never been home sick, but the longer I've been here the more distant everyone feels, I'm down to getting 2-3 emails a week (I started at about 30 a week haha) so it was good to have that experience on Saturday. Life is quite hard when you feel you're going about it alone.

I'm getting new clothes and such to bring home, luckily they are pretty cheap this side, so it makes it easier.

I've started a new thing for these last three months. I'm going to read the Book of Mormon through every month until I go home, and each time I'll be looking for different things.

Anyways, times about up.

Also, thank you for your emails this week especially, they made me feel the Spirit, and that right there is lekker.

Also, I'm going to a Tswana area, so in the next three months, I'm going to do all I can to learn Tswana. Hopefully that goes well, I'd like to share my testimony my last Sunday in Africa in a local language.

Love, Elder Kelly

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