Monday, August 31, 2015

week 90

Yah know, I had a very hard week, nothing seemed to work out. Most of the people we teach were elsewhere, our Ward Mission Leader changed, I got an eye infection, and well yeah. Lots of other stuff happened; it was hard. I'm doing my best, and luckily that's all that's needed.

On a daily basis I'm reminded by the members that I'm short timing it, less than 60 days left now. I'm pretty darn excited. I'm pretty sure I've told you that a lot, I guess that shows how excited I am.

We got a new bishop yesterday as well, he is a nice old guy. The church is growing amazingly fast here in Pretoria, mostly from reactivations since that is our focus.

I've now participated in 19 baptisms and 61 reactivations. Pretty darn good if you ask me. I guess its not a ton; as of late I've been praying for the confirmation that I've been a good missionary even with all my flaws. Each time I've gotten a positive confirmation. So that's something I suppose.

Yesterday we baptized Thozama, it was pretty darn awesome but unbelievably hard to organize. With all the changes in the ward it was difficult to get things moving after church. She asked for bishop to
baptize her, this Sunday I'll do the confirmation.

I wrote this recently, I suppose you can share it, but please put a disclaimer that I claim no talent in writing. I think it describes pretty well where I'm at.

I'm now near the end,
but was lost from the start.
I've climbed to the highest peak
and searched the darkest abyss
I lost the way
I found it again

I'm not who I was
I'm unsure of who I am
I've gained new faults
I've smoothed old flaws
I've overcome the darkness just
to run from the light
I feel it inside
yet I can't comprehend
the potential locked within

Some believe I wasted time
I feel it was a gift divine
the journey was long, the road hard
yet a sacrifice it was not
I gained, I grew, I learned to love
how could this not be from above?

Soon I'll leave this land
my time is now at a close
its part of the plan, its supposed to be
yet I feel its being torn from me

The task of life is to continue
even when what you love is gone
when one period ends another begins
hope, happiness, and love abound
if you can see this great eternal round

I left my world behind
over time the seemingly strange became mine
from whence I came shall I return
yet within my heart Africa will live on.

Elder Kelly

(Editor's note: I think Kelly has GREAT talent in writing, don't you?)


  1. And he says he has no talent! That was AWESOME!!! Love this boy!

  2. And he says he has no talent! That was AWESOME!!! Love this boy!

  3. Beautiful. Humbling. Insightful.