Monday, August 10, 2015

week 87

Let's see, well this week wasn't exactly what I expected to be honest. So my new companion, Elder Kenyah, is from Ghana. He is about 6 months behind me on mission. He is cool. As far as Attridgeville, it is a bit rough. I was assaulted twice this week by drunk racist black dudes. Didn't go well for them, but I suppose that's a matter to discuss once I'm home.

The ward is uhm, alright I guess. Again, being the only white guy there, I can tell they look at me differently. However, the work is going amazing, and I had a dozen or so amazing lessons this week! My companion is still in that phase of "teach everything as fast as possible" while I like to take it kinda slow, and I think that's what this area needs right now. The investigators I have visited except for one were a bit off track. For example, one was drinking and drinking and drinking, but Kenyah kept teaching away haha. But we are fixing it now, and that's what matters.

This morning we went on a hike with the men of the local church and had a braii afterwards. It was amazing, until I jammed my knee on the way down. It is all sorts of swollen now. Oh and guess what? I managed to burn my hand again, it took my entire allotment to pay to have it taken care of, so I don't know how I'm going to eat this month. I literally have less then 3 usd at this point. But thus far Heavenly Father has always provided a way when I had nothing, so I'm sure it will be fine.

We should be having some baptisms soon, and I have met quite a few amazing people who I'm sure will be on date soon enough.

I've felt quite lonely again this week to be honest. I'm in an apartment with three Africans who seem to cling together wherever I'm not, and this area seems to be full of blacks who dislike whites, and that has been a bit disheartening. I've managed to find comfort in the words of Christ. I've been reading the book of Mormon and have been able to gain a lot of positivity.

With that I'm out of time.
Love, Elder Kelly

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