Monday, August 17, 2015

week 88

Man, can't remember what I said last week haha, but it must have been pretty terrible!

Well to be straight, I'm struggling with my companion, he can be kind of lazy. When he gets upset with me for making him work he won't say anything at our appointments. Ack nier... I talked to the Zone Leaders though and there may be a change.

A good thing might be that the struggles I'm having with my companion and flat mates are serving as an opportunity to strengthen my relationship with the Lord. This week I studied the Book of Mormon about five hours a day and wow has it been outstanding. I'm going incredibly slow, currently I'm at 1 Nephi 13, but I've never gotten more out of it.

In connection with all this studying the spirit was extremely strong and as such the week was amazing! There are a whole bunch of "eternal investigators" here; it seems some previous missionaries have been afraid of saying what needs said; I fixed that this week. I've never testified of Christ and the restored gospel so strongly, the confirmation that comes from the Spirit when you cease to fear is amazing. It is hard to say, well explain everything that happened this week. I suppose some of it is best kept private anyways, but I feel like a different person than I was a week ago. It is almost like I'm a brand new missionary again, but with 22 months of experience. It has been great.

One thing I've struggled with recently is finding happiness in the work, but this past week was amazing. I've completely lost my fear to do what needs done and say what needs said and it has been absolutely amazing! The lessons this week were outstanding, we should even have two baptisms in a couple of weeks. Please pray for Thozama and Kablo, they are on date for the 30th, but you know how the devil is, has a way of ruining things!

I also felt a new thing this week. I realized how much I miss everyone, I suppose I have tried to avoid feeling it for the most part for the past while, but wow am I excited to get home! As of tomorrow I have 10 weeks left. Hopefully they all go as smoothly as this one past.  I'm not sure what has come over me, but it is like I've been lit on fire or something. I don't feel that I've ever been a better missionary then I was in this past week and I really hope I cant keep that up. I feel that after a time of struggling I'm being helped to finish strong by the grace of Christ.
Time is about up. Have a good week!

Love, Elder Kelly

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