Monday, September 8, 2014

week 39: recipe for a "perfect man"

The confirmation of Nelly went quite well. She is an amazing person, her mom was unable to come so she walked 10ks to church by herself and was there early to make sure she would make the confirmation! 14 years old, only baptized one week, and is already willing to sacrifice more then most members in the States haha, powerful. I've confirmed quite a few people now and it's amazing to me to see how the Spirit directs it differently in each case. The blessings have varied so much, and at times I've said things I've never even thought about, the Spirit is pretty darn amazing. PrettY darn. 

It's just now starting to become summer, I miss fall. Here there are only two seasons. Hot and less hot. It doesn't really get all that much hotter than it does back home, but it's a different type of hot. The sun here feels different on your skin. It doesn't even really give me a tan. I hate it. If it's gunna be hot I at least gotta tan up a bit. 

After we travel to the nether regions of our zone to give a blessing later today, we are going to go out and view a few different waterfalls in the Sabine area. I've already seen them, but it's not too often back in the States you get to go to a jungle oasis, so I figure we might as well do it again. 

We got special permission from President Dunn to go to the temple on Thursday! I'm so excited, I haven't been in 10 months, so I'm looking forward to being able to attend a session and learn a bit more and then be reminded of things and stuff. Then Friday we are going to Pretoria to attend zone conference. Lots of driving over the next week. In fact 2 entire days will be travel because we are so far out haha. Oh well, I guess it's time for some edification. 

Next week we are hoping to go on a crystal tour. Basically you hike 2km into a cave to see some of the most spectacular crystal formations the world has to offer. Very excited for that. 

I've gotten to Job so far in the Bible. Job is the man, even when things are at their worst he is really flipping faithful. I wish I was more like Job; one thing I've noticed is that how it always mentions his integrity and in round about ways how he lives up to the covenants he has made. I suppose that is the recipe for a "perfect man". 

I love life, I love my mission, I love Africa. 

The Jehovah's Witness family is doing very well, we had a powerful lesson with them yesterday in which we helped them realize who Jehovah is. Basically we taught them the Godhead. They are coming around. 

I now have to talk to President Dunn , so I'll talk to you next week.
Love, elder McClellan 

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