Monday, September 22, 2014

week 41: a blessed week

This week seemed really standard until I started to think about it. Then a whole bunch of spectacular things popped into mind and wow was this a blessed week! 

On Wednesday two terrible things happened. My watch broke and I found out I needed glasses. This was the problem: I had 6 us dollars left for the entire month. Luckily the Lord provided for me through the Scotts (a senior couple.) When they found out my watch broke they called and said they had one for a gungy guy like me (a guy who likes guns apparently) and then they paid for my glasses until I can pay them back! It was amazing how kind and generous they were. Before I could not finish the 3 hours of study without my eyes dying and now I read like a champ. I'm short sighted and have a stigma in my eye or something. I don't know. All I heard was blah blah blah doctor thing doctor thing you need glasses. 

That evening we took Elder Scott teaching with us to one of the most amazing lessons I've ever had. (On a side note I totaled it and I've taught over 900 lessons in less that 10 months! Woo.) We visited Violet, a young mother from Limpopo. A week had passed since we had last seen her and wow a lot had changed. She decided to actually read and pray and wowsers guess what happened!?!?!?!?! She actually got an answer! Who would have thought? Oh wait... Moroni definitely thought that. Funny how listening to the words of a prophet actually gets you somewhere. I should try that sometime....any-who... She bore the most powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon I have ever heard (besides that of Elder Holland) and then proceeded to talk about all the blessings that would soon be coming into her life. I could not hold back tears as she spoke, mission is hard, but teaching the gospel is the most rewarding think I have ever done! 

Saturday all of our appointments dropped so we packed up the car and headed 2 hours north to Lydenburg. The journey there was like eating a cup cake. The drive back was perilous as I drove through windy mountain roads in such dense fog that it seemed to fill the car itself. We passed a sight that said "misty mountain" and me and ah Wong instantly broke into song "far over the misty mountain calls...." And then I swerved because a truck had come into our lane. Oh well. This is Africa. I actually just realized those events are out of order. That's okay though. 

The next day after church we drove to Sabie to visit the Weitsz family. I love them so much, they are kinda quirky and their house is a bit chaotic, but the Spirit in their home is wonderful. They are such faithful Latter-day Saints. The best part is when we were about to eat and looked over to see the cats feasting on dinner. I figured that If I had survived township food I could survive a "bit o'cat" flavoring. Awesome trip.

We came home and taught Thabiso a lesson. He will be baptized this Sunday! Woo, which also happens to be my 10 month mark. Mission is almost half way done, it makes me sad. 

This week I also typed up a branch mission plan. I looked up examples and wouldn't you know it, some people over did it again and they had novels from branch mission plans. That's stupid. I proceeded to type up a 1 page, 2 phase plan that related the baptismal covenant found in Mosiah 18 to their responsibility to share the gospel. Powerful. I guess it helps that I wasn't going to be going to some council meeting and shouting across the table "my plan is bigger then your plan"....

Any-who now that I got my  rant out of the way I do have to say, life is amazing. I love it. I feel like a big pimp in a little palace if that makes sense. And I mean the good kind of pimp, not the bad kind of pimp. 

The church and gospel is true. It really is, next week I will share a cunning reason why. 

Actually, testimony is more important then a time restriction. Settle into your seat for "Elder McClellan's lesson of logic #1". (I'm partially stealing it, but I'm expounding on it also). 

K let's look at Nephi breaking his bow. It is logical he will make another right, of course it is. Alright, bow is broke. Let's make another. But is it time to go hunting yet? I don't think so. You see, most people would not notice or realize this, but different bows need different arrows (length and weight of arrow matters a lot.) So Nephi, he makes himself some new arrows as well. Logical. However, is it logical that a poor woodsman and uneducated fellow such as Joseph Smith would include such a small and insignificant fact such as new arrows if his heart was set upon leading people into the fiery but figurative depths of hell? I think not. It may seem like a small thing to hang your faith on, but when you consider the hundreds of seemingly small and insignificant facts that are present throughout the Book of Mormon, it is not logical that they were all put into the book to deceive. In fact, they were put into the book by inspired men to offer little verifications of fact.  If anyone disagrees with this, please go hit your head against the wall until you drool uncontrollably because that may be the only thing that saves your hard heart in the kingdom of God. Probably not, but yeah. 

I love you all a lot. Stay good.
Elder Kelly McClellan 

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