Monday, September 15, 2014

week 40: Life is awesome

Life is awesome and wow was our trip to the temple amazing! We got to the temple at 4 for the 5 o'clock session. Unfortunately, they did not have people for that session so it appeared as though our trip was in vain. The Mission President heard of our driving 5 hours to come and he set up a special session of Sealings for us to do so that we would at least be able to do something in the temple. It was the first time I had done those and wow was it a spiritual experience, I really wish I could write about it. Darn sacred things! Anyways we were able to seal 40 sons to their parents and 10 couples in an hour, and then we managed to get into the 6 o'clock session! Woo! It was quite interesting though... It was an area office trip... so... the Area President was there as well as 3 other General Authorities and half a dozen other church leaders. (If i counted correctly.) It was a pretty cool thing. It doesn't really matter of their calling, as Sister Scott says "they put their pants on the same way as us," but it was cool to be able to see faithful leaders of the church in such a humble setting. 

While driving to the temple we had quite a weird experience. I was traveling at 120 kmph on the N4 and then all of a sudden I looked forward and a mini tornado thing appeared in the middle of the road! There was no way to avoid it, so we drove into it and it dragged me across the road into another lane and sped the car up to 135 haha. It was one of the craziest things I've ever seen! 

Life is awesome. We had Zone Conference on Friday and wow that was powerful as well. We talked about everything from the Godhead to the power of conversion in the Book of Mormon. It was an awesome uplifting experience. The Dunns are very intelligent people, the way they ran the meeting and how the doctrine was taught was quite amazing. I love them. Equally as amazing as the Omers.

Life is awesome, but unfortunately we did not get to go to the caves. It costs 30usd and unfortunately that's all I have to my name... so it is either eat or go to the caves at this point. Sometimes I hate being poor haha. We did however get to see some amazing things in our travels. 

Life is awesome, last night I spoke to Brother Thabang Mothata on the phone. Wow he is doing amazing! I baptized him 6 months ago next week and he is already an Elder, he is now the Ward Mission Leader, and he is making his first trip to the temple this November! He is an amazing person and such a wonderful example of what a faithful convert can accomplish. His conversion is amazing and from what I hear he puts his heart into everything he does. I've said it before and I'll say it again - he alone is worth the sacrifice of two  years and I thank God daily for the privilege it was to be able to share the gospel with him.

I'm glad to hear the English classes are doing a bit better each time you email me. What is your favorite thing about the calling?

I love this gospel, I love this church, and most importantly I love Christ. 

I'm not really sure what else to share. Unfortunately time is pretty limited.

Also, there is a mail strike on. So if you have not sent the package yet hold off for a few weeks. If you have sent it pray it makes it ;)

Love, Elder Kelly McClellan

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