Monday, September 29, 2014

week 42

Hmm well it sounds like all is well and that makes me a happy camper. Life is still going well if you can believe that, we had a few pretty darn awesome experiences this week.

Lets start off with a funny one. We came in contact with a man named Wonder about 2 weeks ago. Had a quick lesson then promised to return. He missed the follow up appointment so I called him and this was the conversation that occurred.
-ring ring-
Me: Hello is this Wonder?
Him: Naw man, Wonder is dead.
Me: Really? Then who is this?
Him: Ah this is his cousin
Me: So if your cousin is dead, why was the first thing you did afterwards is take his phone?
Him: uhh... I'm not sure
Me: Man this is this missionaries
Him: Ohhhhh hey guys! Its Wonder!

I know without being able to hear the tone of his voice it loses some effect, but wow it was so funny that I started choking from laughing. You see this is what happens. Everyone knows I am American as soon as I speak, and believe it or not it is not very common for people here to get calls from Americans. For some reason, the first thing they think is that I work for the CIA. It's hilarious. I've been asked many a time if I'm an agent. To which I respond "do I look like an agent?" to which they say "I don't know what an agent looks like." To which I say "if you don't know what an agent looks like why do you assume I am one?" Crazy Africans. I love them, but they are far from logical beings.

Thabiso's baptism yesterday was awesome! We had a local member baptize him, that was a good choice. Your story of Paul being asked to baptize someone was what actually got me to do that. It went smoothly. After the baptism our investigators that were present asked when they could be baptized. Awesome.

We had exchanges on Friday. Elder Malapula came here (he is from Democratic Republic of Congo) and we had an amazing day! Together we teach with the power and authority spoken of throughout the scriptures. We met a guy named Robin and had a short lesson on the door step, then we went back the next day. After about 3 minutes Robin was already explaining to us the missionary work he was going to do and was put on date for baptism in November. Talk about a prepared individual.

I got 27 emails today, so I'm pretty darn exhausted haha. Lots of typing in reply. I heard from all my favorite people... Paul, Bianca, Steph, and so on. Now that I think about it... Joe did not write me. I retract my statement. I did not hear from all my favorite people.

I'm not sure what else to say. Life is still good. I'm feeling extremely tired. Unfortunately all of my wisdom was spent in all my other emails haha.

Love Elder McClellan

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  1. I can just here Kelly's voice as he tells his stories. I sure miss this boy! (I guess I'm not one of his favorite people:))